Two Thugs Pummel 76-YEAR-OLD WOMAN Inside Omaha Church [video]


10:58 AM 08/19/2015

Police are searching for two thugs who assaulted and robbed a 76-year-old woman inside a cathedral just before Mass.
A video of the incident appears to show two black men walk into the Nebraska cathedral, steal the woman’s purse, and punch her in the face before fleeing.

Now she’s merely asking that people pray for her attackers.

“Honestly, I saw the video for the first time this morning, and it just makes you cringe,” Rev James Netusil, who was at the church at the time, told “After the first kid grabbed her purse, the second one hits her, and there’s no point to it. It was just evil.”

The woman hit her head on the table as she fell. She went to the hospital and was released. Netusil said in a post on Facebook that the woman is only asking that people pray for the people who robbed and attacked her.

“This is just out of place, there was not good intention that was at foot, and as a result they took advantage of an elderly lady,
blindsided her in a church,” Father Michael Gutsell, the pastor at St. Cecilia Cathedral, told KMTV3 News. “That just keeps compounding the bad intention.”


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