U.S. runs out of spare “Patriot” missiles for Ukraine, spelling impending Russian victory

05/02/2024 // Ethan Huff // 4.2K Views

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According to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the United States has run out of so-called "Patriot" missiles to send to Ukraine, which means the Zelensky regime is now persisting on fumes.In an interview with MSNBC, Sullivan told the cable news outlet that a recent request from Volodymyr Zelensky for "at least seven" more Patriot batteries will not be met by the U.S., Kiev's main sponsor, because there are no more available to spare.
"The U.S. Patriot systems right now are being deployed around the world, including in the Middle East, to protect troops," Sullivan said.
"If we can unlock further American Patriot batteries, we would send them. But we are doing a lot of the supplying of the actual missiles that go into those batteries that get fired."
What Zelensky is asking for would completely undermine not just U.S. military troops but the entire country, putting it at serious risk. This is of no issue to Zelensky, though, who only cares about himself and his friends who are exploiting U.S. taxpayers for their own gain.
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U.S. begging Europe to send Zelensky more missiles

Unwilling to risk their own national security, U.S. officials have begun to start begging other Ukraine sponsors in Europe, as well as NATO member states, to share their air defense weapons with Ukraine. The Pentagon, meanwhile, pledged another new "historic" $6 billion assistance package to Kiev.
The problem with that package is it will take months or even years to kick in, not to mention the fact that the weapons pledged will not even come from Pentagon stockpiles. As a result, Zelensky will be weaponless – as he should be – for an undetermined period of time in the interim.
In an announcement, the Pentagon revealed that the $6 billion package "represents the beginning of a contracting process," meaning it will take some time to take effect.
If you are unfamiliar with what a Patriot missile actually is, consider the fact that a single one costs over $1 billion. Manufactured by mega arms dealer Raytheon, MIM-104 Patriot batteries consist of multiple truck-mounted units that are equipped with power, radar, antenna, engagement control and other support vehicles. They are also equipped with up to eight launchers bearing interceptor missiles.
Over the years, the U.S. has produced more than 1,100 Patriot launchers with hundreds said to currently be both in active service and in storage. So far, the U.S. has sent just one battery to Ukraine, which is not enough for Zelensky who wants "at least seven" more immediately.
Germany also donated two of its full batteries to Ukraine while the Netherlands shared two individual launchers.
"In the meantime, what we're going to do is work with European partners and partners in other parts of the world to get them to provide additional air defense capability to Ukraine," Sullivan explained.
Other countries that currently operate Patriot systems include Poland, Greece, Romania and Spain. Berlin has promised to send another Patriot battery to Ukraine in the coming days, but Warsaw says it has no extra air defense systems to spare for the Zelensky regime.
Spain, meanwhile, says it can only provide a "small number" of Patriot interceptor missiles from its stocks, but none of the actual systems. Greece is likewise resisting outside pressure to send over its air defense systems to Ukraine with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stating demonstratively that no action will be taken "that could even remotely endanger our nation's deterrent capabilities or air defense."
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