U.S. tax dollars sent to Ukraine being used for wasteful excesses like subsidizing Ukrainian corporations, paying politicians’ salaries, and even buying fertilizer for farmers

09/27/2023 // Ethan Huff // 360 Views

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The tens of billions of stolen taxpayer dollars that fake president Joe Biden is pumping into Ukraine are being used for all sorts of corrupt, wasteful, and non-war-related things like corporate subsidies, politicians' salaries, and even food-growing inputs for Ukrainian farmers.
Each U.S. tax dollar that Biden sends to Volodymyr Zelensky is basically being used as welfare by and for Zelensky and his corrupt regime. In his quest to create a new "Israel" in Ukraine, Zelensky is basically using U.S. taxpayers as the cash cow, sucking them dry simply to enrich Ukraine while our own nation crumbles into oblivion.
"Joe Biden’s government is pumping billions of dollars not only into the Ukrainian war machine, but into the Ukrainian economy, using taxpayer cash to pay the salaries of almost 60,000 state employees, subsidize private businesses, and even buy seed and fertilizer for farmers," explains Jack Montgomery, writing for The National Pulse.
"At the same time, NATO allies including Poland and Hungary complain their own farmers are being overwhelmed by Ukrainian produce being dumped on European markets."
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Poland, one of Ukraine's closest allies, has HALTED military supplies to the country over widespread corruption and betrayal by Zelensky

Investigative reporters found that all those billions Biden is sending to Ukraine is helping to pay the salaries of all 57,000 of Ukraine's first responders, for instance. All that money is also being used to subsidize Ukrainian businesses, including by securing them new customers overseas through USAID.

If this is not already upsetting enough, we also now know that Zelensky is waging war against neighboring European countries that are struggling to keep their farming sectors alive as Zelensky's regime dumps gobs of cheap produce within their borders to undercut their own native industries.
In essence, Zelensky, the world's most obnoxious welfare queen, is using U.S. tax dollars to give the corrupt Ukrainian regime an artificial upper hand in the world economy. In other words, the war on Russia is actually being waged on you while your sellout politicians on both sides of the aisle steal your hard-earned money and give it all to Zelensky.
Poland, one of Ukraine's closest allies, is so upset at what is going on and how it is impacting that country that it has since stopped supplying military gear, ammunition, and other war supplies to the Zelensky regime.
"It had previously been one of Zelensky’s most important backers, supplying him with warplanes and over 300 tanks, and pushing other NATO members to offer similar assistance," Montgomery writes about Poland's new stance against Ukraine, which has betrayed Poland, the U.S., and every other country that has been supporting its war efforts against Russia.
Compare the tens of billions of dollars that have already been sent to Ukraine to the mere $3.17 million that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has sent as assistance to the actual Americans who are suffering in Maui now that their homes, businesses, and livelihoods have been destroyed by the corrupt globalists who infest America's government and their directed energy weapons (DEWs).
Be sure to check out the segment below from 60 Minutes about Ukrainian corruption:

60 Minutes


60 Minutes discovered the U.S. is financing more than weapons in Ukraine. The government is buying seeds/fertilizer for farmers, paying the salaries of 57,000 first responders and subsidizing small businesses. https://cbsn.ws/466Ketc

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7:28 PM · Sep 24, 2023

The latest news about the corrupt money pit known as Ukraine and the government's artificial propping up of Zelensky's empire using your tax dollars can be found at Treason.news.
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U.S. tax dollars sent to Ukraine being used for wasteful excesses like subsidizing Ukrainian corporations, paying politicians’ salaries, and even buying fertilizer for farmers – NaturalNews.com