Ukraine, Russia, NATO and Nord Stream – Mike Adams interviews former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

Thursday, March 02, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter — also a former United States Marine Corps officer — joins Mike Adams in a far-reaching interview that covers Ukraine, Russia, NATO and Nord Stream.
Ritter is of course heavily censored on mainstream platforms and is widely condemned by officials in the US government, including those in the State Dept. That’s because his analysis doesn’t coincide with the official propaganda being catapulted into the info war by the mainstream media.
Ritter’s take on the current situation is that Ukraine’s leadership (Zelensky) is hopelessly corrupt and deeply infested with Nazis and murderers who issue hit lists of journalists to execute. Ritter himself has now achieved the No. 1 top position on one such list that’s run by the Zelensky government. (Yes, the Zelensky regime quite literally runs a kill list that targets journalists.)
During the interview, I ask Ritter if he is “anti-war,” and he disagrees, stating that he wants peace for everyone, but is also trained on how to defeat enemies and is willing to go to battle to halt those who are aggressors against innocent people or nations. Ritter explains that NATO is the aggressor in this conflict, and that NATO has broken every promise, violated every treaty and incessantly lied its way into transforming Ukraine into a proxy state for NATO, from which the West plans to completely destroy Russia and its people.
Hear the full details in the interview, below. Scott Ritter’s website is
I also ask Ritter about Russia’s nuclear weapons capabilities, hypersonic missiles, hyperglide vehicles and anti-air systems. He reiterates that Russia is far ahead of the West in weapons technology — both offensive and defensive — and that if Russia were to decide to launch nuclear weapons against western cities, there’s nothing in the US military defensive arsenal that could stop those missiles from reaching their intended targets.
Even worse, he explains that Russia has the Sarmat-II missile systems already deployed, and these missiles — which carry up to 15 nuclear re-entry vehicles each — can be launched on a trajectory over the South Pole, bringing them into the United States from a direction for which US national defense forces are not prepared. He explains that the US focuses its missile tracking and interdiction systems on the North Pole region, since that’s obviously the shortest distance between Russia and the continental United States. But Russia’s missiles have the range to go the other way and travel over the south pole of the planet.
Watch the full interview with Scott Ritter here, via

The interview with Ritter also begins at around minute 42 in today’s Situation Update podcast. Here’s a short overview of what’s in the podcast:
– Full interview with Scott Ritter about Ukraine, Russia, Nord Stream and NATO
– Details on Russia’s nuclear missile systems and hyperglide re-entry vehicles
– Blackrock to acquire, giving them ownership over all your DNA
– Six signs your neighbor will become a LOOTER when SHTF
– Uponor (ProPex / expansion fitting) plumbing repair demonstration
– Ohio group issues list of DEMANDS from Norfolk Southern train wreck catastrophe
– EPA declares it REFUSES to test for #dioxin contamination
– The EPA is waging a chemical WAR against the American people while protecting corporate profits
– Every federal agency – EPA, USDA, FDA, ATF, etc. – is actively working to destroy the people
– Prepare to survive an off-grid / grid down scenario

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Ukraine, Russia, NATO and Nord Stream – Mike Adams interviews former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter –