Union Director Tells Triple Amputee Veteran: ‘I Hope You All Lose Your Limbs And Die’

Dec 28, 2013 212 Comments iResist

By Jeff Rainforth aka iResistAll on Twitter

Update 4: Leftists on Facebook are creating bogus accounts and using them to say they “raped” Brian’s 4-month-old child. The left claims to care for people. Is this their idea of “caring”? Absolutely disgusting, despicable behavior. Airman Kolfage’s Facebook page is at Brian Kolfage

Note: The “John Kimball” in this picture is from an account that a leftist copied from a real person. The real John Kimball on Facebook had nothing to do with this..

Update 3: Airman Brian Kolfage provided screenshots of an admin of the Facebook page (Republican Family Values) that Janet Vrotsos is or was connected to. The admin used one of Brian’s photos of his 4-month-old child, and turned it into a disparaging meme. It appears there is more than one person behind this, not just Janet.
Janet’s union, IBEW Local 2222, has issued a statement that they don’t believe she made the comments, and that her Facebook account was hacked. Because of the other screenshots of disparaging remarks made towards Brian, and his family by other members/leaders of the Facebook group “Republican Family Values,” it appears that someone may be trying to cover this up. I suppose IBEW Local 2222 will say that all of the Facebook accounts that were used to disparage Brian & veterans were hacked. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that they were.
There is no way to verify what the union is saying is true. In any case, Facebook is being contacted to see if Janet’s account was truly hacked. If it was, that still leaves the other admin who made vile comments about veterans. We will update as information comes in.
Update 2: I contacted Airman Brian Kolfage via Twitter to confirm that Janet Vrotsos had indeed said these things about him and other disabled veterans. He verified that she was the one behind the comments, and provided screenshots. More updates to follow.
Update: Janet Vrotsos has deleted her personal Facebook page. I visited it once, and it has since disappeared.
Making the rounds of the Twitter verse this week is a disgusting display of hatred towards our military veterans. A woman named Janet Vrotsos, Chief Steward and assistant to the Business Manager of Local Union 2222 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers posted this stunningly crude remark on Facebook to triple amputee, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage.

Her disgusting comments go beyond the pale even for those on the left. To wish that military veterans would lose their arms and legs in war is something that cannot be ignored, and hopefully the left will stand up and discipline their own. Those veterans are someone’s sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, etc. To wish this on them and their families is truly despicable.
Please spread the picture around, and contact her union where she is an official. Also contact her elected representative.
Janet runs a Facebook page that vilifies Republicans called “Republican Family Values.” You can visit the page and comment here:
Republican Family Values
Her union (IBEW Local 2222) can be contacted at 617-929-6000, and the Fax # is 617-929-6099.
The president of her union is Ed Fitzpatrick.
Phone: (617) 929-6006
Email: edfitzpatrick@ibew2222.org
The vice-president of her union is Kevin Holland.
Phone: (617) 929-6018
Email: kevinholland@ibew2222.org
Her Congressman is Michael Capuano.
Phone: (617) 621-6208
Send him an email here: http://www.house.gov/capuano/contact/email.shtml
This kind of disgusting hate speech towards our military men and women needs to be addressed, and the woman held accountable for her vile words. If she represents her union in any official capacity, one would hope she would be stripped of her title, and that the union would state their support for our veterans. Let’s see how they respond. Please share this article far and wide.
You can read Airman Kolfage’s story here.
Brian Kolfage is on Twitter here.
His Facebook page is at Brian Kolfage
Shout outs go to @unlikelycowgirl, @LeahR77, @hitman0321, and Pat Dollard contributor @kaytlin81 for being the first to get news of this event out there.
Jeff Rainforth, aka iResistAll on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of the Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a PatDollard.com contributor.