University BANS Conservative Speakers From Campus

Warner Todd Huston

September 5, 2013 4:02pm PST

Our “tolerant” Universities strike again. This time its the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill barring two conservative women from speaking on campus.

See, folks, even in red states the university system is corrupted and anti-American and here is yet another example of this truism.

The U of NC uninvited two well known conservative investigative reporters, Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney, after they were scheduled by the college Republican club to speak on campus.

Just in case you don’t know the two women in question…
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Pavlich is news editor for the popular conservative website, as well as the award-winning author of the New York Times bestseller “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up.” As a reporter, she broke the so-called fast and furious scandal, and has also covered the White House, the 2012 presidential election, and Second Amendment and border issues.

McElhinney, co-producer of the feature documentary “FrackNation,” is well-known as a debunker of extreme environmentalist claims. As a filmmaker and investigative journalist, she has produced documentaries for BBC and written for various newspapers covering countries including Indonesia, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Madagascar and Uzbekistan. She has appeared on an array of international media organizations including ABC, BBC, CBC (Canada), ABC (Australia), RTE (Ireland) and Fox News, and is a regular guest on talk radio shows and at conferences across America.

Katie Pavlich (left) interviews Ann McElhinney (right)

So what was the “reason” given for denying these speakers? It was, according to the left-wing student government that is responsible for doling out the speaker fees, because the two women were “unimpressive nonacademics whose speaking honorariums are too high and credentials too unremarkable to pay to have them give talks at the University.”

Even as the conservative speakers were nixed, that same night the vaunted, un-American student government approved the fees for a few other speakers. As TheCollegeFix reports:

“On the same night, UNC student government representatives tapped the anarchist group ‘UNControllables’ to receive $4,000 to fly in a social justice crusader/academic from South America to speak on campus, and the feminists group Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine was allocated $5,100.”

These lying leftist students in the student congress claimed that they weren’t denying the fees to the two conservative speakers because of ideology and continued to claim they were evaluating the two conservative women on their respective bona fides, but when they dole out thousands to such left-wing crackpots as the “UNControllables” and give money to any group that purposefully misspell women “womyn” it is clear these people are liars simply denying the fees based on ideology and nothing, absolutely nothing else.

I’m telling you, fellow conservatives, unless and until we as a movement begin to look to take back our system of miseducation–from the earliest grades to the halls of higher learning–we will never take back this country from the anti-American left.

Our leftist schools are disgorging millions of good little Eurotrash-like socialists every year and we continue to allow the left to hold a headlock of control on our schools.