Vaccinated children shed COVID up to 3X longer than unvaccinated kids, study data show

11/14/2023 // Ethan Huff // 960 Views

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New research published in JAMA Pediatrics on October 23 shows that vaccinated children who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) shed the "virus" up to three times longer than unvaccinated children.
The paper's actual conclusion – you can read it for yourself here – dealt with the contagiousness of COVID between vaccinated and unvaccinated kids. It turns out that vaccination status, at least according to this particular study, plays no role in contagiousness.
The median time for shedding was found to be three days for both groups, leading the study's authors to suggest that school policies require students who test positive for COVID to stay home for five days, "and that schools need not consider vaccination or booster status in back-to-school policies," reports Children's Health Defense (CHD).
There is a problem with the analysis, though. According to CHD, the researchers behind the study used "an unsound statistical trick that hid the significant disparities in viral shedding between vaxed and unvaxed kids."
"While all unvaccinated children in the study were clear of the virus by day six, 10 of 52 vaccinated children (19%) took double the time to be virus-free. Three subjects (about 6%) were still infectious on day 10 – three times longer than the reported median."
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Children rarely transmit COVID to adults, another study finds

In short, it would seem that the researchers involved with this particular study wanted to hide any variances between vaccinated and unvaccinated children in terms of their respective risk to public health.

With so much news out there now about vaccine shedding and other problems with the jabs, this paper apparently aims to level the playing field by making the jabs seem safer than they really are.
What basically happened is that the researchers used median instead of mean infectivity duration to downplay the significance of many of the child participants in the vaccinated subject group being ill for longer.
"The approach was wrong for the unvaccinated group as well, as those data are tightly distributed around the three-day mark with no outliers," CHD explains.
"Equating median values for vaxed versus unvaxed allowed researchers to combine data from the two groups and report that 14 participants (18.4%) were infectious on day five and three (3.9%) were still shedding on day 10."
"Again, all subjects still positive after day six were vaccinated – but hiding this inconvenient fact allowed the authors to conclude, without considering the more informative mean values, that 'there was no association between duration of infectivity and vaccination or booster status.'"
Keep in mind that another study, published in 2021, found that children rarely transmit COVID to adults as it is. Nose and throat swabs from infected children were found in that research to only be half as likely to infect someone with COVID than a similar nose or throat swab collected from infected adults.
"'Shedding virus' ... WHAT VIRUS?" asked one skeptical commenter. "The whole research represents a fairytale."
"False," wrote another, echoing this same sentiment in reference to the new research. "Human beings are not disease vectors or biohazards."
"Whatever they are shedding, it is not a virus," added another. "This viral thing has to be put out to pasture."
"They may have a synthetic toxin invented in a lab somewhere that causes kids to have sick feelings. It may be snake venom or some other toxin that does not occur naturally, but fostering this virus hoax only creates fear and allows people to blindly jab their kids thinking they are doing the right thing."
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