VIDEO: How To Go From 0 to 300 Days in Jail in under 60 Seconds

She should have invoked her right to remain silent: Woman doesn’t know when to shut up as she talks her way into spending 300 days in jail for contempt of court

  • Ebony Burks appeared in court accused of domestic violence and assault
  • When she was told she would not be allowed to contact her grandfather - who she lived with - Burks lost her cool
  • The judge initially gave her 30 days for contempt of court before gradually increasing it as she spoke back to him

This video shows the hilarious moment a woman talked her way into a 300-day prison sentence for contempt of court.

Ebony Burks, 32, appeared in Elyria Municipal Court, Ohio, accused of domestic violence and assault. Speaking to her over video feed, judge Gary Bennett told her she was not to have contact with either of the victims involved.

Burks took issue with the fact she would not be able to contact or see her grandfather, Shedrick McCray, because she lived in his house.

After she lost her cool, Burks was initially handed down 30 days by Judge Bennett. But as she continued to argue and speak aggressively towards the judge, he gradually increased the prison sentence.