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    Violent Chicago weekend leaves 10 dead, at least 52 wounded

    Violent Chicago weekend leaves 10 dead, at least 52 wounded

    Jun 3, 2019, 9:14 AM ET

    etty Images, FILE

    WATCH'We saw a despicable level of violence': Chicago police on weekend shootings

    At least 10 people were killed and 52 others were wounded in a tragic outburst of Chicago gun violence over the weekend, according to police.
    Interested in Chicago?

    Add Chicago as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Chicago news, video, and analysis from ABC News.[COLOR=#F9AB18 !important]Chicago

    Officers with the Chicago Police Department attributed the shootings to rash of gang-related incidents. Many of the shootings occurred between 6 p.m. and early Saturday morning, police said.
    One incident left four people wounded near Northwestern University's Chicago campus early Saturday morning, according to ABC Chicago station WLS.
    (MORE: 8-year-old Chicago boy handcuffed, left in rain, as police raided home)
    A 28-year-old man and 26-year-old man said they were standing outside a red van at around 2 a.m. when they heard gunshots and realized they'd been shot, WLS reported. Two other men, ages 28 and 25, were shot in the head around the same area early Saturday, WLS said.

    STOCK PHOTO/Getty Images

    Chicago skyline.
    Witnesses said they saw several vehicles drive away from the scene.
    A Chicago police spokesperson told ABC News that 19 people had been arrested on gun-related charges between Friday and Sunday evening. A total of 81 illegal weapons were seized since Friday evening.
    (MORE: 2 men charged with murder of off-duty Chicago police officer, including would-be cop)
    "In response to several gang related incidents since Friday, Superintendent Eddie Johnson has ordered targeted patrols on areas with suspected retaliation," Chicago police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement Sunday. "Several people of interest are also being questioned in relation to some of our incidents and detectives have good video leads in others."

    Getty Images, FILE

    People gather in front of the Chicago Police Department, Oct. 20, 2017.The violent outburst came just hours after the department announced a sharp decrease in crime on Friday.
    Data collected by the Chicago Police Department showed a 13% decrease in shootings and a 7% decrease in murders, year-over-year, during the first five months of this year.
    (MORE: Police response in Virginia Beach mass shooting helped 'save other lives')
    "Chicago residents and visitors can be confident that CPD works day and night to keep them safe," Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday. "Of course we can always do better, but I believe that our officers work diligently to provide consistent and fair policing in all of our neighborhoods, and our efforts are paying dividends."
    Police said 41 people were shot and seven were killed in the city during the previous weekend, according to the Sun-Times.

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    Who Is Lori Lightfoot's Wife? New Details On Amy Eshleman

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    Samantha Maffucci

    Entertainment And NewsApril 4, 2019

    Lightfoot made history.
    On April 2, Lori Lightfoot won her race for the Mayor of Chicago. Not only is she the first black female mayor, but she’s also the first openly gay mayor in the city’s history. Before winning the election, she worked in a private legal practice, and was President of the Chicago Police Board and chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force.
    She announced her candidacy for Mayor of Chicago in May 2018, and just one year later, she will be sworn into office in May 2019. She won more than 73 percent of the overall vote in the runoff, and won every ward in the city.
    In her acceptance speech, Lightfoot had a positive outlook for the future, saying, “Out there tonight a lot of little girls and boys are watching. They’re watching us. And they’re seeing the beginning of something, well... a little different. They’re seeing a city reborn, a city where it doesn’t matter what color you are, where it sure doesn’t matter how tall you are, where it doesn’t matter who you love, just as long as you love with all your heart...
    In the Chicago we will build together, we will celebrate our differences. We will embrace our uniqueness. And we will make certain that we all have every opportunity to succeed. Every child out there should know this: Each of you, one day, can be the Mayor of Chicago.”
    RELATED: Who Is Sharice Davids? New Details On Kansas' First Gay Rep And First Native American Woman In Congress

    But throughout her campaign, there was one person who stood by her: her wife. Who is Lori Lightfoot's wife? Here are six things to know about Amy Eshleman, who will become Chicago’s first lady when Lightfoot is sworn in.

    1. She’s from Illinois.

    Eshleman is from Sterling, IL, but has lived in Chicago since the early 90s. In high school, she played on the basketball and tennis teams; her school’s 1977 girls basketball team became the first girls basketball state champions in the state. She was also a member of the National Honor Society.
    2. She holds multiple degrees.

    After graduating high school, she attended Miami University in Ohio. She earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the college.

    RELATED: How To Answer Your Kid's Toughest Questions About News & Politics Like A Pro
    3. She worked for the Chicago Public Library for almost 20 years.

    From 1994 to 2012, Eshleman worked as a Chicago Public Library assistant commissioner. She helped develop YOUmedia, a digital media center for teens; the program has been successful since its inception in 2009 and spread to the national level, where President Obama cited the center as innovative.
    Eshleman also helped expand similar programs nationally while in her role as “leader for education” at the Urban Libraries Council. Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa credit YOUMedia with helping to launch their music careers.
    4. They’ve been together for a long time.

    Eshleman and Lightfoot apparently met through Mary Dempsey, the Chicago Public Library Commissioner; Eshleman was Dempsey’s assistant commissioner. The couple has been together for 16 years, and got married the day same-sex marriage was legalized in Illinois.
    According to Eshleman, the couple waited to get married and were surrounded with the anxiety of coming out: “You don't know what your life is going to be like. You want certain things for yourself, and falling in love and having a family and doing all those things felt really important to us. To be able to be married on that day felt really big.”
    5. They have a daughter.

    The couple have an 11-year-old daughter, Vivian. The family lives in Logan Square.
    6. Their openness had a major impact on the campaign.

    Their support for the LGBT community led to people to back the candidate. Brian Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois, “a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to LGBTQ rights,” said the support “was a major, major piece. Thirty to 35 years ago, our bars were still being raided. Now we're represented in City Hall by the mayor. That’s a pretty profound switch.”
    Eshleman and Lightfoot also walked in June 2018’s Chicago Pride Parade, and according to Eshleman, the experience was “one of the most profound and emotional and humbling” moments, showing that the people of Chicago are “open and welcoming and diverse and loving and nonjudgmental.”

    It's a SICK, MENTALLY ILL place. A total 100% failed society full of assorted freaks of every type, Communist freaks and dumbed down sports fan idiots. And it's bankrupt.

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