Timing still unclear on when ABC, presidential debate commission learned of Raddatz’s Obama ties
Josh Peterson/Daily Caller

Neither ABC nor the Commission on Presidential Debates would confirm Thursday to The Daily Caller whether they were aware of Martha Raddatz’s personal ties to President Barack Obama before she was chosen to moderate Thursday night’s vice presidential debate.

An investigation by The Daily Caller revealed Wednesday that Obama attended Raddatz’s 1991 wedding to Julius Genachowski, Obama’s close personal friend from the Harvard Law Review whom he later tapped to chair the Federal Communications Commission.
The episode is reminiscent of the controversy that erupted when PBS “Washington Week” host Gwen Ifill moderated the 2008 vice presidential debate despite having a book in the works that praised Obama and despite profiling him in glowing terms for Essence magazine.

On Thursday ABC published an equally glowing online profile of Raddatz titled “Getting to Know ABC News VP Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz.” It fails to mention her personal ties to the president.

“I want people to feel. I want people to question,” ABC quotes Raddatz as saying about her journalistic priorities.

Raddatz, now divorced from Genachowski, is married to NPR journalist Tom Gjetlen. NPR’s federal funding is a target of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s economic blueprint, a fact highlighted Wednesday by the New York Observer’s Politicker blog.

Neither ABC nor the debate commission responded to TheDC’s requests for comment Wednesday about whether they believed Raddatz’s current marriage posed a conflict of interest similar to the one embodied in her previous marriage to Genachowski.
Panelists on “Morning Joe,” a morning television show on the liberal MSNBC network, unanimously agreed Thursday that the information flowing from TheDC’s investigation was relevant information the public should know — a stark contrast from the debate commission’s response Wednesday through USA Today.

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