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    Want to know what police and fire might do in SHTF?

    Want to know what police and fire might do in SHTF?

    Mac Slavo
    June 4th, 2011

    We’ve regularly discussed emergency response when the SHTF and have generally come to the conclusion that when the time comes that you need help, it won’t be available.

    This latest story from California highlights how austerity measures are already having an impact on Americans’ lives, and it’s only going to get worse. ... y-policies

    Residents of Alameda, Calif., an island city just east of San Francisco, are demanding answers after a man drowned at a city beach in full view of police and fire personnel.

    Witnesses say an apparently distraught Raymond Zack, 53, paced back and forth along the beach just before noon on Memorial Day. He then waded into the frigid San Francisco Bay.

    Zack stood about 50 yards offshore in neck-deep water for about an hour before his head disappeared below the water. Police and firefighters who had responded to a 911 call about the suicide attempt stood onshore watching and making no attempt to rescue or even contact Zack.

    Interim Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi said a 2009 policy forbids firefighters from trying to rescue people in the water.

    “Previously we had a very highly trained water-rescue program that we could use for both shore-based and boat-and-surf water rescue,
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    The poor guy was my age. Damn ... Someone should have made an attempt. He WAS Someones father, brother, uncle, husband.. Who knows??
    Unbelievable. If it had been a a dog, cat, dolphin or whale these morons
    would have spent hours in the water to save him....This is what we've become??
    Not Me! Unexceptable...They should be FIRED! And then let God judge all involved...or UNINVOLVED in Doing what their paid for by WHO their Paid
    By!! Like the now Dead distraght guy in the water!!

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