The WAR on IVERMECTIN: Just the latest in Big Pharma’s decades-long war on generic, off-patent, repurposed drugs that are safe and effective

Monday, June 05, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) Big Pharma is “literally a criminal syndicate,” exclaimed Dr. Pierre Kory on the “Health Ranger Report,” where he revealed “a case example of the decades-long war on generic, off-patent, repurposed drugs – and ivermectin is just the latest.”
It’s “time-tested, safe, ubiquitous, available in every country in the world,” yet still, mainstream medicine called it “horse medicine” and a “horse de-wormer” to trick everyone into being afraid to use it, ask for it, or be saved by it.
Big Pharma has iron-fisted control over the high-impact medical journals

Pharma has gained complete control over doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, regulatory agencies and mainstream media.
Dr. Kory was an allopathic-trained doctor, trained in critical care and lung disease. Now Dr. Kory is focusing his private practice on Long-COVID and vaccine industry syndromes. He said doctors are “inculcated” to be arrogant and think their allopathic methods are at the “top of sciences” and evidence-based medicine, which today, is no longer evidence-based, but almost strictly profit-driven, and at the expense of untold human carnage.
Big Pharma now uses the phrase “insufficient evidence” to discredit every drug, herb, natural remedy and off-patent medicine, while they use fraudulent research for their own products and vaccines. It’s astounding.
Post-vaccination injury syndrome has become a major phenomenon, thanks to the COVID-19 spike protein prion injections that clog the vascular system, invade the cleansing organs, ruin ovaries, infect the brain and cause spontaneous abortions to occur. The three most common symptoms of post-vaccination injury syndrome include severe, unrelenting fatigue, post-exertional malaise and brain fog (cognition deficit, processing of tasks, lack of focus and memory issues). Most people have all three. Neurological problems (devastation) are the most frequent and significant.
Now, once perfectly healthy people, who exercised regularly, ate organic food regularly and did not suffer many (or any) health issues, are literally incapacitated and qualify for disabilities, all because they got a COVID jab or two.
These spike-protein-injected humans can’t work, they can’t exert themselves, they can’t think straight and they suffer neurological problems. And the first line of treatment for post-vaccination injury syndrome? Wait for it… ivermectin. Yes folks, the drug that pharma hates now more than anything ever prescribed for humans before is the drug that not only beats COVID very well, but helps people recover from post-COVID-jab syndrome. What a surprise.
At least 70 percent of patients have a positive response to ivermectin when suffering from spike protein syndrome. Standard testing is not revealing spike protein syndrome. People are suffering from brain inflammation and medical doctors and neurologists don’t seem to know how to help these patients and of course no MDs will point the finger at COVID jabs (because Big Pharma will shut them down and take away their medical license and maybe put them in jail).
Dietary interventions are simple for people to engage and many symptoms can be drastically reduced by changing your diet. People can eliminate the vicious cycle of eating processed foods and taking prescription medications that exacerbate health issues. It’s time for the COVID-jabbed masses to listen more intently to people like Dr. Kory and take their advice. This is revolutionary. Listen to the doctors and nutritionists with experience who do love science and who really do care about humanity.
Watch Dr. Kory’s interview with Mike Adams and you will be shocked by the truth about ivermectin: Video Brighteon

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The WAR on IVERMECTIN: Just the latest in Big Pharma’s decades-long war on generic, off-patent, repurposed drugs that are safe and effective –