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    Washington Establishment wins, working middle class loose!

    A window of opportunity for an honorable Republican Party leadership to emerge

    It is so sad to see that America’s working middle class [those earning between $30,000-$50,000] have allowed themselves to once again fall victim to a very sophisticated class warfare game played by politicians in which the real winners will be those who are already part of our Washington Establishment and its political plum job empire, or, will become part of the Washington Establishment under Obama‘s administration..

    Indeed, America’s working middle class, whether living in Harlem New York or Scranton, PA will remain the Washington Establishment’s cash cow under Obama’s administration and will not only be taxed to send a check to the 40 percent of the 95 percent Obama asserted will get a “tax cut

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    You want some of this?
    Look its easy if you don't want taxed hide more of your money! Stick it to the man!
    Work Harder Millions on Welfare Depend on You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93camaro
    Look its easy if you don't want taxed hide more of your money! Stick it to the man!
    That's right, there are lots of way to reduce your taxable income and sales tax.
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