WATCH as former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield gives testimony damning Fauci for covid crimes against humanity

Sunday, March 12, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The jig is up: Tony Fauci is a criminal who lied to the public about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). This fact is among the many others that former United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redford revealed in testimony about what really happened prior to and during the so-called “pandemic.”
The below video shows Redfield spilling the beans about three suspicious events that took place that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in communist China in September 2019, just months before covid would be officially unleashed throughout the world. Those three suspicious events include:
– Researchers at the Wuhan laboratory deleted the sequences of the alleged virus, a highly irregular occurrence
– Researchers at the Wuhan laboratory changed the command-and-control apparatus from civilian to military, another highly irregular occurrence
– Those in charge of the Wuhan laboratory had a contractor completely redo the ventilation system just prior to covid being declared a “pandemic”
“Clearly, there was strong evidence that a significant event happened in that laboratory in September,” tweeted the Kanekoa Substack account on Twitter – watch the video below:

Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director, talks about three suspicious events that took place at the Wuhan lab in September 2019:"In Sept. 2019, three things happened in that lab. One is they deleted the sequences. Highly irregular, researchers don't like to do that. The……

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11:07 AM · Mar 8, 2023

(Related: In the early days of covid, Redfield warned the public that hospitals were given a “perverse incentive” to inflate the coronavirus death numbers.)
Fauci, Collins excluded Redfield from meeting about covid because they were trying to keep a lid on the lab leak theory

As for Fauci, Redfield revealed that his position on covid being natural rather than engineered is specious. Contrary to Fauci’s public claims, gain of function research was taking place in Wuhan for many years prior to the advent of covid.
“Prior to 2012, we weren’t doing gain of function research,” Redfield told the room. “SARS and MERS never learned how to go human to human, so those original outbreaks were less than 1,000 people, and the epidemics died. But this virus was immediately the most infectious virus behind measles that we’ve ever seen.”
“So I immediately said, ‘wait a second; this isn’t natural.’ Then you go back and look at the literature, and in 2014 this lab actually published a paper in which they put the ACE2 receptor in humanized mice so it can infect human tissue, and then you learn that the new covid, which came from bats, can hardly replicate in bats. So how does that happen?”
The way that happens is through intentional manipulation, of course, which Fauci and his comrade Francis Collins deny. And because Redfield supports the lab leak theory, he was excluded from all of Fauci and Collins’ meetings about the virus as they sought to control the narrative and stop the lab leak theory from spreading.
“As a virologist, this wasn’t anything like SARS or MERS because they never learned how to transmit human to human,” Redfield explained. “I felt this virus was too infectious for humans; there was a lot of evidence that the lab published in 2014 that they put the ACE2 receptor into humanized mice so it could infect human tissue.”
“I didn’t know I was excluded; I didn’t know there was a February 1st conference call until the FOIA came out with the emails, and I was quite upset as the CDC director that I was excluded … they came up with a single narrative which I will argue is antithetical to science.”
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WATCH as former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield gives testimony damning Fauci for covid crimes against humanity –