WATCH: Texas AG Ken Paxton reveals Democrats rigged 2020 elections by merely ceasing to count votes (then running mail-in ballots until they achieved fake vote targets)

01/25/2024 // Belle Carter // 1.2K Views

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In a damning expose, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed that Democrats did not use any complicated or elaborate "Ocean's 11" type of scheme to steal the elections back in 2020. They just stopped counting the votes, he said.
In an interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Paxton explained how former president Donald Trump won the said election in 80 percent of bellwether counties yet lost the presidential race. He said that vote counting stopped in toss-up states so Democrats knew how many mail-in ballots they needed to win. "They needed to figure out how many real votes there were so they could figure out how many mail-in ballots to apply to the election. That's what they would've done in Texas. I’m convinced," he added.
"So, you think that was fraud?" Carlson asked in the video shared by Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg on X. "It wasn't just a water leak? Can you just stop counting ballots on election night?"
Paxton was confident in saying it was definitely planned. He added that he had never seen anything like this before in his life. "I knew it when they stopped. Trump was leading in all the states," he recalled. "I knew exactly what they were doing because there was no way to know where the mail-in ballots came from. Anybody can fill them out." He confirmed this was not a conspiracy theory because he said "he was there. He was a part of it."

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NEW: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explains how Democrats stole the election in 2020 when they stopped counting votes on election night.These are the interviews Tucker would have never been able to have with Fox News Paxton explained that vote counting stopped in toss…Show more

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11:22 AM · Sep 21, 2023

In Rugg's post, a user commented: "He might be able to explain in theory, but does he have the evidence?" The internet personality replied saying the evidence is in the statistics. "Wins 80 percent of bellwether counties, loses election. Demolishes in toss-ups where counting ends on election night (FL, OH), loses in toss-up states where counting goes on for days. From a statistical perspective, there is a much higher chance that the election was widely fraudulent than Americans all waking up one day and making a seismic shift in voting trends," he said.
Meanwhile, another commenter said: "Was a very good interview, leaving Fox was the best thing Tucker could have done," which was agreed on by Rugg saying "Fox would have had a meltdown if Tucker aired something like this." Revolver News even pointed out this as a silver lining amid the horrible situation. "If Tucker were still at Fox News, we likely wouldn't have had the opportunity to see this kind of interview, and many of us would still be in the dark," it said.
The news site also noted that remembering the 2018 midterms, where the Dems initially introduced "ballot harvesting" and managed to win in all those red districts, also in the wee hours of the night, ultimately taking control of the House, one can't help but wonder if that was a "dry run" for the 2020 polls. "The unsettling thing for many Americans today is how easily our entire U.S. election system can be compromised. Also, if they did it once, what's preventing them from doing it repeatedly?" Something to ponder on.
Paxton vows not to surrender to Supreme Court's rule on Biden admin's razor wire cutting

Meanwhile, in a separate battle, Paxton promised that "the fight is not over" after the Supreme Court granted an emergency appeal by the Biden administration to allow Border Patrol agents to resume cutting razor wire set up by Texas at the southern border.
Fox News Digital was first to report the Texas AG's statement saying: "The Supreme Court's temporary order allows Biden to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America. The destruction of Texas's border barriers will not help enforce the law or keep American citizens safe," he said. "This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state's sovereignty."
In a 5-4 decision, the court allowed the federal government to resume the removal of the fence installed by Texas along the southern border near Eagle Pass while litigation continues. The Biden administration has argued that once migrants are on U.S. soil, Border Patrol agents must apprehend them, and has claimed the wire "inhibits Border Patrol's ability to patrol the border." The administration has also argued that federal immigration law supersedes Texas' own efforts to control the border. A Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel had granted a request for a preliminary injunction. The Department of Justice had asked the Supreme Court for temporary relief so that it could remove the razor fence at the federal government's discretion.
Paxton had sued the administration in October over its damaging of the wire, accusing the administration of disrupting state efforts to secure the border and damaging the ability to deter illegal entry. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and DHS were named defendants in the case. The Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Border Patrol, both under DHS, were likewise included as defendants. (Related: Texas AG Paxton SUES Biden's DHS for cutting razor wire barriers that block ILLEGALS from entering the U.S.)
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WATCH: Texas AG Ken Paxton reveals Democrats rigged 2020 elections by merely ceasing to count votes (then running mail-in ballots until they achieved fake vote targets) –