The Greatest Scam Artist In History

June 20, 2014 by Wayne Allyn Root

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The greatest scam artist in history has scammed America — again. A terrorist mastermind gets Miranda rights on American soil, while a U.S. Marine hero has no rights in Mexico. That’s par for the course in Barack Obama’s America.
Look around. America is in free fall. The Internal Revenue Service scandal is exploding: The IRS says “the dog ate Lois Lerner’s emails.” The very evidence that could lead to the impeachment of the President has disappeared into cyberspace. At the same moment, Obama is still taking heat for releasing five Jihadist mass murderers in a swap for a deserter. At the same moment, Iraq is crumbling. Everything we fought for, the trillion dollars we spent “liberating” Iraq, the many brave men who died… it’s all being erased as Iraq falls to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Soon, Baghdad will fall; the writing is already on the wall. This is the greatest foreign policy embarrassment in U.S. history. Then there’s the Veterans Affairs scandal. Under Obama’s leadership, the Nation is in crisis and dramatic decline.
So what does the greatest scam artist to ever occupy the White House do? He pulls out the WMD (weapons of mass distraction). He “wags the dog” to distract the masses. He gives permission for U.S. special forces to capture the architect of Benghazi — a terrorist hiding in plain sight for the past 20 months. Presto. The Kool-Aid drinking mainstream media call Obama “a hero.” Amazing. No one can be this dumb, can he?
But the scam is much deeper than it appears. The capture of Benghazi terrorist mastermind Ahmed Abu Khattala isn’t just a cover-up for the <acronym title="Google Page Ranking"><acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym></acronym> mess Obama is in. The capture itself is the biggest scam of all.

First, we let this Benghazi butcher enjoy life in plain view for 20 months. Suddenly, Obama decides the time is right to capture him — right at the exact moment Obama needed to change the headlines. Pure bread and circuses. I’m surprised he didn’t just call for the start of the “Hunger Games.”
But the second part of Obama’s scam is far more dastardly. Obama is sending the terrorist mastermind to the U.S. instead of Guantanamo. He will be read his Miranda rights, like any other American citizen innocent until proven guilty. Why? Guantanamo was built for exactly this kind of unique situation, to house “the worst of the worst” enemy combatants and to interrogate them without the need for Miranda rights.
This scam was all planned out for months — 20 months, to be exact. Obama wanted the perfect timing — to hide a country in disarray and decline. And he wanted the perfect circumstances — the man with the knowledge of what happened at Benghazi protected by Miranda.
Abu Khattala is the definition of a “high-value target.” He can put Obama’s fingerprints at the scene of the crime. He can testify that Benghazi was a terrorist attack from Day One, that no protest of a movie was ever involved. He can testify that his terrorists used weapons supplied to Libyan rebels by the Obama Administration to kill our own brave men. He can testify that even the terrorists were shocked that Obama never sent a rescue mission. He can say: “We all expected to die on a suicide mission, but your President was too weak to fight back. Because of Obama, this was a great victory; and we lived to brag about it.”
So how do you shut up the terrorist mastermind? You read him his Miranda rights. You tell him he has the right to “lawyer up.” You protect him from enhanced interrogation. On American soil we can’t touch him. No Jack Bauer-style creative interrogation. No loud music. No threats to his family. No nothing. Here it’s just nice questions asked by polite FBI agents who could lose their pensions if they don’t mind their manners.
Here in America a high-profile trial like this will take years to happen — two, or three, or four years. Just enough time that Obama is safely out of office. So even if the terrorist talks at trial, which is unlikely, no one will hear about it until Obama is enjoying life as a billionaire author and global speaker at his Hawaii estate.
This is how you silence a dangerous witness for years. This is how you keep him from ever disclosing the secrets that can bring you down. You bring him to America and give him a team of lawyers. You can bet Obama’s top enforcer, Attorney General Eric Holder, will make sure Abu Khattala has an O.J. Simpson-like “dream team.” Game, set, match. The terrorist provides cover for Obama. His capture makes Obama look good. But he’s guaranteed to never talk.
Now compare this situation with our hero Marine being tortured in a Mexican prison. Sgt Andrew Tahmoorisi has been given no Miranda rights. He made a wrong turn at the border and wound up shackled at four points to a bed, while Mexican guards kicked him in the ribs. Then he was denied food and water. Our hero Marine has no rights… for the crime of bad driving. Yet a mass-murdering terrorist mastermind is protected by Miranda rights on American soil.

It’s all going bad, folks.
Obama plays chess at a higher level. The GOP is led by weak-willed cowards and idiots. The Republican leadership is playing checkers… without a board. The greatest scam artist in the history of the White House wins another round.
And the death of America continues unabated.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.