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Thread: Weíre Breaking Up

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    Weíre Breaking Up

    Couldn' have said it better.....
    Weíre Breaking Up

    By: Breeanne Howe (Diary) | September 24th, 2013 at 11:30 AM |

    Dear GOP,

    Iím breaking up with you. Itís not like we didnít see this coming. Weíve had our ups and downs. The Tea Party years were tough enough, but I truly thought we could make it when we elected (who we thought were) more principled leaders to replace at least some of the old guard. Unfortunately, the old guard and their old ways just wonít go away and you seem to be more in tune with them.

    To be honest, Iíve been drifting away from you for some time now. I was getting the sense your values werenít in line with mine and then Syria happened. And, well, letís just say that Syria really showed me what is important to you.

    But the death knell to our relationship wasnít Syria; although that one cut pretty deep. Nope, itís your treatment of Senator Ted Cruz. Youíd think he was a Democrat with all the open hostility youíve been hurling at him.

    Senator John McCain has been reported, for the whole world to see I might add, as f***ing hating Cruz. Now youíve sent opposition research on Cruz to a reporter, hoping the press would help you in your crusade. No wonder so many Christians donít vote. On the one side, we have Democrats okay with baby murder and on the other side we have Republicans openly knifing one of their own.

    I canít take it anymore. I donít know what you stand for. I canít figure out what your strategy could possibly be. Are we to be the party that folds in the face of any pressure and hangs out to dry anyone in the party that might actually stand for our supposed values? No thanks. Iíll take my vote and dollars elsewhere.

    Yes I know my dollars wonít be missed. They are a pittance compared to the money the old guard is stuffing in your pockets to act like losers. But consider this: Iím your base. Iím a Christian, wife and mother with conservative values. You donít have to like me but you should know Iím not going away. If you want an open fight then we shall have one. Iíll be standing with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the few who are brave enough to stand for me. And Iíll be sure to let my mom friends, who mostly donít care to keep up with your shenanigans, who stands for them.

    See you at the polls.

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    A few things, events over the pass few days have rallied the Conservative & Tea Party base. The Country Club GOP is in serious trouble whereas Americans can clearly see who and who will not stand up in their interest. Carl Rove is finished. Average Americans regardless of political ideology are aligning against Obama and his policies. Light is now visible at the end of the tunnel. We are not out of the woods on Amnesty yet, but when it comes up, it cause a firestorm close to what Obamacare has caused. My 2 cents.
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