We’ve got ’em—DEAD TO RIGHTS…..

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…and the only way they can all avoid
being hanged
is to blow the whole place up (which
is exactly why they triggered the Ukraine
War when they did).

SOTN Editor’s Note: Make no mistake, the well concealed perpetrators of the biowar against humanity known as the COVID-19 Plandemic knew exactly what they were doing. The Khazarian Cabal was well aware that theirs was the most brazen, reckless and transparent genocide carried out against all of humanity in human history. And, the hard evidence and irrefutable proof of this Covid Capital Crime Spree presented below confirms this stark reality. Which means that the perps know that it’s utterly impossible to keep this ongoing global crime wave covered up with any degree of success. Which means that they have a Plan B, Plan C and Plan C by which to escape from their well deserved prosecution and punishment. Which means we must get them, BEFORE THEY GET US.

BOOM! Evidence of Covid ‘Vaccine’ Crimes Submitted to Florida Grand Jury Investigation

Demands Immediate Ban of Covid ‘Vaccines’ and Criminal Investigations

Document asserts shots be:
“Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”
As a Florida resident and a board member of the National American Renaissance Movement, on behalf of the National American Renaissance Movement, I just submitted this white paper containing Grand Jury Evidence. This evidence will also be distributed to State Attorneys across Florida and County Sheriffs. This document was prepared by National American Renaissance Movement President, and NJ criminal defense trial attorney, David Meiswinkle. This document lists 149 exhibits and asserts evidence that state and federal crimes have been committed. This document demands an immediate ban of Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ and criminal investigations.
This document states, Covid ‘vaccines’ be “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”.
The submission of this evidence is public record. There can be no legitimate claim that this evidence was not provided to the Florida Grand Jury Covid Vaccine investigation. This documents outlines crimes and persons of interest. The document asserts that C19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons according to Florida and Federal bioweapons laws. It points to evidence of racketeering, treason, crimes against humanity, and other serious crimes.
This evidence will also be distributed to State Attorneys across Florida and County Sheriffs. The war ahead can’t be won without you. Please share this far and wide.
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Executive Summary
Florida Grand Jury Evidence


National American Renaissance Movement

Evidence of State and Federal Crimes Submitted to the Florida
Covid Vaccine Grand Jury Investigation From the
National American Renaissance Movement
The National American Renaissance Movement, a nonprofit corporation is presenting evidence of State and Federal Crimes Submitted to the Florida Covid Vaccine Grand Jury Investigation, the State Attorney General, Statewide Attorney’s office, and twenty State Attorneys Offices, seeking immediate redress and protections for Floridians pursuant to the subsequent referenced statutes and the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution which enumerates, ” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
The 82- page petition with Exhibits asserts that numerous crimes were committed involving the Covid-19 pandemic. These alleged crimes constitute both State and Federal offenses concerning Racketeering, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Fraud, False Information, Corporate and Official Misconduct, Conspiracy and Domestic Terrorism. The crimes also deal with the use and deployment of biological weapons. Furthermore, these crimes involve treason, crimes against humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Code.
The criminal allegations are that a cabal of National and Global Racketeers developed and implemented a scheme to empower themselves through a number of orchestrated events which consisted of the following:

  1. An out-break of Covid-19, claimed to be from a bat infecting a human being in a Wuhan wet market was a lie, as the pathogen known as Covid-19 coming from SARS 2 Virus was either man made, developed in both American and Chinese laboratories using illegal gain-of-function research and involving both American and Chinese scientists, or a virulent influenza made to appear as Covid-19 through false PCR tests and media hype, or a biosynthetic pathogen.
  2. The March 11, 2020, WHO declaration of Lockdowns, with the countries of the world following in lock-step, engendering fear and freezing social life, was a drastic and totally unnecessary act which caused incalculable losses decimating businesses and households and creating record transfer of wealth away from the middle class.
  3. The failure to recommend early treatment with repurposed licensed drugs, and the demonization of these drugs despite their ability to treat and cure people from Covid-19 was a monumental fraud which costs countless lives of individuals as repurposed safe and effective drugs were available and worked.
  4. Vaccine approval through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of unsafe and ineffective drug treatment was also a monumental fraud as the “experimental vaccines” neither protected against infection nor stopped transmission.
  5. The proactive vaccine push to have everyone vaccinated and the continued demonization of repurposed medicines was a ploy not to insure the public’s health but the pharmaceuticals profits, and also presented the greatest opportunity to experiment with injections of nano material into the human body on a massive global scale via the “experimental gene therapy” called a vaccine. There was no informed consent of what was being put into people.
  6. The disregard of significant increases in deaths and adverse reactions where more deaths and adverse reactions resulted from these vaccines than all previous vaccines together for the past thirty-three years but amazingly there has been no caution to slow down the vaccination process or cease and desist.
  7. The continued push of vaccines despite their failures coinciding with the failure to publicly recognize that in-depth microscopic inspection of the vaccines shows they contain strange previously unseen components, an unknown payload which appears to be bio-synthetic and is self-assembling and genetically modifying the human body clandestinely.

The evidence of this hellish Racketeering scheme responsible for wrecking businesses and personal life’s, killing and maiming countless individuals based on monumental frauds, the raking in of enormous profits, the looting of the United States treasury, the unprecedented attacks on freedoms and sovereignty guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the experimentation on human beings with novel nano technology without informed consent demands a Grand Jury criminal investigation.
The evidence of these crimes includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Books, videos, Substack newsletters, articles and statements of medical experts showing that the pandemic was man made, the vaccines were dangerous and not necessary and that repurposed drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are safe and effective treatments.
  2. Books, videos, Substack newsletters, articles and statements of attorneys and legal experts concluding the same as the medical experts, that the pandemic was man made, the vaccines are dangerous and not necessary and repurposed medicines such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are safe and effective treatments.
  3. Expert analysis and interpretation of corona virus patents timeline including SARS CoV-2/ Covid-19 and implications that the Covid-19 pathogen was created through illegal gain of function in a laboratory in North Carolina and China and not from a person being bitten by a bat or was a virulent influenza virus camouflaged as Covid-19 and hyped by the media and certain government agencies through use of a fraudulent PCR test or was an unknown biosynthetic pathogen.
  4. VAERS (vaccination early reporting system) data for United States and New Jersey showing record deaths and injuries caused by the Covid-19 vaccines.
  5. V-Safe data indicting record deaths and injuries caused by Covid-19 vaccines.
  6. Testimony of expert medical physicians before the Senate hearings indicating the brutal smears, harassment and professional injuries they have experienced for treating patients with repurposed drugs which are testified to as safe and effective.
  7. Expert economic analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the massive shift of wealth away from the middle class to the super-wealthy and select corporations.
  8. Project Veritas Video exposing Pfizer fraud with boosters.
  9. Video statement of inventor of PCR that they should not be used to test for live virus.
  10. Videos and statements including Substack newsletters of medical analysis by professional researchers/investigators that the vaccines are bioweapons.
  11. Independent, scientific laboratory analysis by doctors examining the vaccines with sophisticated electronic equipment revealing a nano-world with self-assembling parts and artificial intelligence, no informed consent given to have this scaffolding inserted into the human cells.
  12. Videos and statements exposing the nano-world contained in the vaccines.
  13. Movies documenting the psychological, physical and economic damage caused by Covid-19 pandemic protocols
  14. Open letter to Dr. Fauci regarding beneficial use of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-19
  15. Open Letter to the WHO regarding the dangers of Covid-19 vaccinations and requesting immediate banning.
  16. Great Barrington Declaration, a petition signed by over 10,000 scientists concerning devastating effects of lockdowns
  17. Pfizer Clinical Trial Data showing “vaccines” were not safe and effective.
  18. Comparative studies and articles on effectiveness and harms of masks from Childrens’ Health Defense Fund.
  19. Microscopic examination of blood of vaccinated individuals showing a desiccation of the red blood cells.
  20. Impact on life insurance claims, highest ever since introduction of vaccines.
  21. Findings of funeral directors of synthetic blood clots, never seen before the introduction of vaccines.
  22. Florida Grand Jury Petition investigating Covid-19 crimes.
  23. Articles on Covid-19 virus and vaccines raising questions of the protocols the public was subjected to.
  24. Testimony of numerous witnesses before the Corona Investigative Committee exposing the Covid pandemic as a criminal action.
  25. Videos, articles and Substack newsletters showing the coordinating influence of the Department of Defense in implementing Operation Warp Speed.

These allegations and request for criminal investigation are non-partisan and should not be politicized. It appears, however that United States citizens experienced more Covid-19 vaccine deaths and serious adverse reactions from vaccines than anywhere else in the world. Why?
There also appears a treasonous clique in the United States government and corporations who would betray their country, their fellow countryman and the public trust to global interests who do not recognize National sovereignty, individual sovereignty or freedom. Not to address these crimes as attacks on the Nation State and its citizens is to opt for National suicide. These crimes will be repeated unless they are confronted and dealt with.
The National American Renaissance Movement hereby urges immediate action to protect the Florida public from Covid 19 ‘vaccines’.

Evidence Submitted to the Florida Covid
Vaccine Grand Jury Investigation

READ HERE: https://nationalarm.org/evidence-sub...investigation/

State of the Nation
July 9 2023

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