The West Will Need To Use Either Nukes Or NATO Troops To Stop The Russian Advances In Ukraine

February 15, 2023 by Michael

The new Russian offensive appears to have begun, and in recent days the Russians have been steadily gaining ground in several key areas of eastern Ukraine. Things seem to be going particularly well for the Russians in the northern part of eastern Ukraine. A breakthrough seems to be developing, and it is being reported that the Ukrainians are preparing to establish “a new line of defense outside Kharkiv”. The Russians have clearly gained the upper hand in the conflict, and that has extremely serious implications.
Prior to these new advances, the conflict in Ukraine had mostly been an artillery duel for several months.

And even though the western powers have been trying to provide the Ukrainians with sufficient ammunition, the Russians have been able to fire far more rounds each day…
Ukraine’s armed forces are firing some 6,000 artillery shells a day, far faster than their Western allies can resupply them.
Russia is using as much as 20,000 rounds a day, equivalent to what European factories can produce in a month.
Some experts claim that the disparity between the two sides is even larger.
In any event, everyone agrees that the Ukrainians are hurting for ammo while the Russians just continue to relentlessly pound them.
And now we are learning that the Biden administration has decided not to send Army Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine because the U.S. military “is concerned it wouldn’t have enough for itself”
The Biden administration has given its Ukrainian counterparts another reason for not sending them much-wanted long-range missiles: The U.S. is concerned it wouldn’t have enough for itself.
In recent meetings at the Pentagon, U.S. officials told Kyiv’s representatives that it doesn’t have any Army Tactical Missile Systems to spare, according to four people with knowledge of the talks. Transferring ATACMS to the battlefield in eastern Europe would dwindle America’s stockpiles and harm the U.S. military’s readiness for a future fight, the people said.

Ukraine has put up a stiff fight, but now the writing is on the wall.
The original Ukrainian Army that existed at the beginning of the war is almost totally gone at this point.
The Ukrainians were able to replace them with an even bigger force by literally dragging Ukrainian men off the street and by hiring vast throngs of foreign mercenaries.
And I will give you just one guess as to where the money to pay for all of those mercenaries came from.
At this point, Ukraine is running out of men to forcibly recruit, and they are also running out of foreign mercenaries stupid enough to be sent to the meat grinder in eastern Ukraine.
Meanwhile, the Russians have gathered a force that is far larger than they originally used to invade Ukraine.
So the tide has turned, and at this point even mainstream news outlets in the U.S. are starting to grudgingly admit that “Russia is winning”
USA Today raised some eyebrows when it deviated from the usual narrative by acknowledging “little by little” Russia is winning the ground war in a pivotal area of Ukraine, citing a quote given by a pro-Ukraine spokeswoman.
The admission was in relation to the battle for the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.
Sending Ukraine a few dozen tanks is not going to help.
If the western powers intend to be victorious in Ukraine, they will either need to commit NATO troops, or they will have to use tactical nukes against Russians troops in eastern Ukraine.
Of course either option will almost certainly mean full-blown nuclear war.
Needless to say, we are already dangerously close to nuclear annihilation. After the world learned that it was actually the Biden administration that blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, the Russians decided to send a message by flying four military aircraft off the coast of Alaska
Four Russian aircraft were detected and intercepted over the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone on Monday in what NORAD called a “routine” incident.
Two F-16 fighter jets were dispatched by NORAD to intercept the Russian aircraft, which included a TU-95 BEARH-H and SU-35 fighter jet.
And by the way, the Chinese also just sent us a message by sending ships and aircraft alarmingly close to Taiwan
Nearly two dozen Chinese military aircrafts and ships were seen in the Taiwan Strait on Monday morning.
According to the country’s defense ministry, there were 18 Chinese army aircrafts and four ships spotted – 11 of which crossed the median line of the contended buffer zone.
This comes amid heightened tension in the region – after the US shot down a 200ft Chinese spy balloon that was caught flying across Montana.
None of this had to happen.
Unfortunately, the Biden administration has made a series of colossal errors over the past two years, and now we stand on the brink of the unthinkable.
Just recently, a French historian made headlines all over the globe when he declared that a new “world war” has started…
A French historian who accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union over a decade in advance says that World War III has already begun as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.
The comments were made by Emmanuel Todd, one of France’s leading intellectuals, during an interview with the Le Figaro newspaper.
“It is evident that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, has evolved into a global economic confrontation between the whole West on one side, and Russia, backed by China, on the other. It has become a world war,” Todd said.
Welcome to the party pal.
I told my readers that World War III had begun last February.
Thankfully, the nukes have not started flying yet.
Because once the nukes start flying, “hundreds of millions of people” will die…
Research by Rutgers University experts published in August suggests even a limited nuclear war could trigger global starvation of hundreds of millions of people.
Fatalities arising from nuclear winter effects over the months after the war would lead to casualty numbers many times greater than those suffered in the more immediate blast, heat, fires and radiation, it claims.
Unfortunately, the Biden administration is not going to change course.
Even though we were warned that all of this was coming in advance, the Biden administration refuses to listen to warnings from people like us.
So the warmongers in the Biden administration are just going to continue to escalate matters with both Russia and China.
This isn’t going to end well, but most of you already knew that.

The West Will Need To Use Either Nukes Or NATO Troops To Stop The Russian Advances In Ukraine (