Is this what the attack on Iran will look like?
Before the US was roped into invading the country

Published on Feb 23, 2014

Operation Opera (Hebrew: אופרה‎), also known as Operation Babylon,was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on 7 June 1981, that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq. This operation was after Iran's Operation Scorch Sword that damaged this nuclear facility months before.
In 1976, Iraq purchased an "Osiris"-class nuclear reactor from France.While Iraq and France maintained that the reactor, named Osirak by the French, was intended for peaceful scientific research, the Israelis viewed the reactor with suspicion, and said that it was designed to make nuclear weapons. On 7 June 1981, a flight of Israeli Air Force F-16A fighter aircraft, with an escort of F-15As, bombed and heavily damaged the Osirak reactor. Israel claimed it acted in self-defense, and that the reactor had "less than a month to go" before "it might have become critical."Ten Iraqi soldiers and one French civilian were killed. The attack took place about three weeks before the elections for the Knesset.

How the Israelis attacked Iraq

A little military history...with some interesting info on Mossad spy craft and air combat flying.

Before the US got involved in destroying Iraq, Israel raided the country and destroyed its nuclear power program.

The film is nine parts Israeli propaganda and one part military reporting.

Some facts:

1. France provided Israel with its nuclear technology and lots of military equipment

2. The US also participated in arming Iraq to the teeth in the hopes it would destroy Iran (and get destroyed in the process.)

Why would the US - which put Hussein in power - want to put its most important ally in the region Israel at risk?

A little military history...with some
Israeli warn party propaganda mixed

Older folks might remember when
Israel attacked Iraq.

Is this what the attack on Iran
will look like?


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