What the FBI Director Said to Ted Cruz About the IRS Scandal Will Make Obama Really, Really Outraged

By Kyle Becker 2 hours ago

When the IRS scandal broke, President Obama delivered a somber press conference and told everyone that he was outraged. He said that “Americans have a right to be angry about it, and I’m angry about it.”
Well, it’s 372 days later and the FBI Director won’t tell us if anyone’s been interviewed during its thorough investigation. Although he is able to tell us that there’s been no indictments.
Since President Obama likes to find out about what’s going on in his own administration ‘on the news,’ this will surely make him really, really ‘outraged’ when he finds out about it. That’s right, Mr. President, the FBI is doing nothing about that IRS scandal you were so ‘outraged’ about.
Can you believe it?

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