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    What is going to ROCK AMERICA NEXT? Biden and others saying


    Have you heard Joe Bidens comments about Obama being tested, and in which case we are going to be faced with another big crisis?

    Well, it seems this "NEW THREAT" is gaining traction and more and more world leaders and Washington insiders are saying this is true as if they know something but aren't telling the AMERICAN PEOPLE what is coming down the pike. THe list grows to Colin Powell, Niclolos Sarkosy, Madam Albright, Newt Gingrinch and other spinsters are trying to talk as if this is just normal presidential living, like we should shrug off any NEW CRISIS as just normal business. If the AMERICAN PEOPLE get robbed of a few more $ Trillion through war or financial criminals, so what, we're AMERICANS, we can absorb it and move on, like this is the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

    UNFORTUNATELY, it seems it has become the norm that the American people are put through one crisis after the next, like there is no end in sight to the dumb luck misfortunes we seem to run across, and I submitt to you, we are being scammed every other month by crooks in high places and government including our own as well as others around the world, the global government and marketplace seems to be about global stealing and stashing the good 12,000 miles away as soon as you can get it there. And then we have a ZERO law enforcement agency, well actually two... one for the minions that get hit with littering citations while the barron robbers steal the wealth from all of us, then they get even more funds from the government to replace what they stold the first time, then they steal the second load as well, and never even get fired or looked over.

    This NEXT CRISIS has the Anti government patriots spectulating on everything from a total population control to a nuke attack on America, one that would dwarf the 9-11 attack and is certianly to reak havoc in a financially bankrupt country as it is. Of course if you think 9-11 put a lockdown on our privacy and rights, then just think about a nuke attack killing and maming 200,000 people.

    And yet our borders remain open, our current laws which were instituted for the safety and stabilization of our society are not being enforced, it is a total cleptocracy, take everything you can get by any means you can, if you have big money, your entitled, if your poor and steal a loaf of bread your going to jail for 2 weeks.

    THIS COUNTRY IS SCREWED, and McCain and Obama are totally part of the plan, in fact Obama has just told all his crazed followers this:
    "YOUR GOING TO HATE ME REAL SOON" Just like everyone liked BUSH when he first got in, in 2000, soon everyone hated him, and Obama or McCain will do the same because niether one of them are telling the truth about anything, they are just movie stars right now, just puppets for the financial powers that really run the world and will soon dominate us all, totally and right now it is getting harder to get money without going through the federal reserve. Its already happening.

    Has anyone else heard any rumors of the NEXT BIG CRISIS? Please tell.
    God help us!
    Unless we get those criminals & make them pay for what they have done to our country and the lawlessness they have sponsored, we are just another Mexico ourselves!

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    You want some of this?
    Our govt. seems to be getting real comfortable with controlling the dumb masses with scare tactics!!! They need to be scared of us!!!!
    Work Harder Millions on Welfare Depend on You!

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