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    What is the Illuminati?

    What is the Illuminati?

    July 16, 2019

    Politics has banished Religion from public discourse
    but religion still offers the best understanding of politics.
    The essence of political struggle is actually spiritual, a cosmic battle
    between God (Good) and Satan (Evil) represented by the Illuminati
    for the soul of mankind.

    The Jeffrey Epstein scandal exposes what Illuminati members must do to prove their commitment to evil, including pedophilia and satanic ritual murder of babies and children. Many prominent politicians, pundits and entertainers are members.

    An Illuminati Primer
    (Updated from July 2, 200

    By Henry Makow PhD

    The struggle is between a satanic cult called the Illuminati and the remnants of humanity that uphold God's Plan. The Illuminati's doctrine is based on Cabalist Judaism, the view that Cabalist Jews represent God, and are the only real humans. The goyim are animals destined to serve the Illuminati.
    The unsuspecting masses, unaware of this cosmic struggle, inhabit a fool's paradise like children. The Illuminati constitute a secret society within Freemasonry. As in Judaism, the rank and file are fed platitudes and lies. They are not told the real objective which is Communism, a Rothschild monopoly over everything of value.

    (The mainspring of Illuminati power is the creation of the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to themselves. Our national governments could do this debt and interest free. To prevent this, mankind must be enslaved.)
    The Illuminati plan is to remake the planet as a neo-feudal preserve. This involves the reduction of the world's population through plague, catastrophe or war; and the enthronement of Lucifer who represents the Cabalist's inversion of Good and Evil, (i.e. evil is good, sick is healthy, ugly is beautiful.) This is the New World Order.

    Sophisticated and dedicated people roll their eyes when told about this conspiracy. They are hypnotized by their "education" and the mass media.

    The Illuminati is not "a conspiracy theory." Its premises were raided. Its membership was revealed. Plans and correspondence were seized and published. Defectors testified to formal inquiries as to the imminent danger. It was suppressed but went underground. It has since grown so powerful that it has literally defined the modern age (under the guise of "progress," "reform" "humanism" "secularism" and "revolution") and now threatens the future of humanity.


    The term "Illuminati" means "enlightened ones" and refers to Lucifer, the "light bringer." (Everything is inverted- light is actually darkness.)
    In 1770, Mayer Rothschild hired the 22-year-old Adam Weishaupt, a university instructor (son of a rabbi raised as a Catholic) to attract the cream of European society to a secret cult designed to reverse the course of Western (i.e. Christian) civilization (hence the term "revolution.")
    I am now summarizing "Final Warning" an online book by David Allen Rivera and James Wardner's excellent book"Unholy Alliances" (pp.34-51)
    The Illuminati was founded May 1, 1776. Weishaupt wrote: "The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment, let it never appear, in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it."
    The Illuminati reached an agreement at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, December 20, 1781 to add the Illuminati hierarchy to the first three degrees of Masonry. On returning home, Comte de Virieu, a Mason from the Martiniste lodge at Lyons, reported: "I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out that it will be impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it."
    Nesta Webster in her book World Revolution describes the modus operandi of the Illuminati. It applies to Adolph Hitler as well as Timothy Leary: "The art of Illuminism lay in enlisting dupes as well as adepts, and by encouraging the dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics, by flattering the vanity of ambitious egotists, by working on unbalanced brains, or by playing on such passions as greed and power, to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect."
    The Illuminati also used bribes of money and sex to gain control of men in high places, and then blackmailed them with the threat of financial ruin, public exposure or assassination. This continues to the present day.
    Weishaupt wrote: "One must speak sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors."
    And what was that purpose? It was "nothing less than to win power and riches, to undermine secular or religious government, and to obtain the mastery of the world."
    The first priority was to enlist writers, publishers and educators. The modern pantheon of great thinkers, from Darwin to Nietzsche to Marx, were Illuminati pawns or agents. Of one university, Weishaupt wrote: "All the professors are members of the will all the pupils become disciples of Illuminism." (Wardner, 45)
    As the Order spread throughout Germany, leading Jewish families such as the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, Schusters, Speyers, Sterns and of course, the Rothschilds funded it. Gerald B. Winrod wrote in his book Adam Weishaupt: A Human Devil "of the thirty-nine chief sub-leaders of Weishaupt, seventeen were Jews."
    From Bavaria, the Order of the Illuminati spread like wildfire... Soon they had over 300 members from all walks of life, including students, merchants, doctors, lawyers, judges, professors, civil officers, bankers, and even church ministers.
    Some of their more notable members were: the Duke of Orleans, Duke Ernst Augustus of Saxe-Weimar-Coburg-Gotha, Prince Charles of Hesse-Cassel, Johann Gottfried von Herder (a philosopher), Count Klemens von Metternich, Catherine II of Russia, Count Gabriel de Mirabeau, Marquis of Constanza ("Diomedes"), Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick ("Aaron"), Duke Karl August of Saxe-Weimar, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (a poet), Joseph II of Russia, Christian VII of Denmark, Gustave III of Sweden, and King Poniatowski of Poland.
    By the time of the 3rd Masonic Congress in Frankfurt in 1786, the Illuminati virtually controlled all the Masonic lodges, which represented three million secret society members across the various German provinces, Austria, Hungary, England, Scotland, Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Africa, and America. (Wardner, p. 39)
    In the 1790's there was an Illuminati scare in the United States. At Charlestown, in 1798, the Reverend Jedediah Morse preached: "Practically all the civil and ecclesiastical establishments of Europe have already been shaken to their foundations by this terrible organization, the French Revolution itself is doubtless to be traced to its machinations..." (Wardner 4
    In 1832 William Russell established a chapter of the Illuminati at Yale called the "Skull and Bones." President G.W. Bush, his father and John Kerry are members.
    (The red star of the USSR is the star of Baphomet)
    On Sept. 9, 1785, Joseph Utzschneider, a lawyer, and two other defectors revealed the Illuminati goals before a Court of Inquiry in Bavaria: Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government; Abolition of private property (which the Illuminati will assume); Abolition of Patriotism (nations); Family, (through the abolition of Marriage, Morality, and by government providing "Education" for children) and finally, Abolition of all Religion, particularly Christianity.
    These are exactly the goals of Communism, enunciated by Marx in 1848. The Illuminati and Communism go hand-in-glove. The term "Reds" originates with "Red Shield" the Rothschild name. The satanic five-pointed star is the symbol of both.


    Mankind has taken a wrong turn and appears doomed to annihilation. The political, cultural and economic elite of the West is either dupes or willing agents of a satanic conspiracy of cosmic proportions.
    If we and our children are to suffer and die prematurely, at least we know the real reason. That is a privilege not granted to millions of our ancestors.
    God and Satan made a wager for the soul of man. If God wins, man revels in the glory of his Divine Birthright. If Satan wins, man is destroyed. In a nutshell, this is the religious nature of politics.
    We can instantly recapture an essential part of religion by incorporating the dictim, "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You," in our lives. The essence of all true religion is to obey God (i.e. spiritual ideals like justice, truth and love) instead of personal desire, to be selfless instead of selfish. Like a snowflake, this is how disparate elements arrange themselves according to the Plan ( i.e. Love) and achieve Perfection.
    Related - Must Read- The Influence of Sabbatean-Frankism on the World and Discussion of Sabbatean-Frankism
    See also my "Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony"
    See also my "Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy."

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    The Illuminati, originally called The Order of Perfectibilists, was a freethinker society founded in 1776 in Bavaria by a man named Adam Weishaupt.

    Among the group's goals were the opposition of prejudice,
    superstition, and abuse of political power. In the universe that rational people agree to recognize as reality, the Illuminati ceased to exist in 1787, after Charles Theodore, Prince-Elector of Bavaria, had the group banned for conduct inciting people to rebel against state authority and ordered the publication of some of the organization's secret writings. (The actual doctrines of the Illuminati, in English translation, have been published under the title The Secret School of Wisdom, Lewis Masonic 2015.)

    In the parallel universe where the likes of Henry Makow, Kerry Cassidy and David Icke hang their hats (and the snakes living therein), they not only have continued to exist, but have developed such enormous capacity for secrecy, power, and control that the complete absence of evidencefor their existence, power, and control... proves their existence, power, and control.


    The legend[edit]

    The spread of the Illuminati legend and continued belief in them today can be traced back to the book Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison, a 1798 anti-Freemasonry book (the Freemasons and Illuminati are often regarded as one and the same by conspiracy theorists despite the fact that Weishaupt founded the Illuminati after being dissatisfied with Freemasonry).

    Proofs of a Conspiracy has become a source of inspiration to many conspiracy theorists since its initial publication and has been reprinted by, among others, the John Birch Society. Many contemporary variations of the Illuminati conspiracy portray them as a controlling influence in the New World Order. Another influential series was Mémoires pour Servir a l'Histoire du Jacobinisme by Abbé Augustin de Barruel (1799).

    Keeping the fire alive[edit]

    The alleged continued existence of the "Illuminati" looms large in many conspiracy theories, tall tales by evangelicalSatanic Panic-fakers like Mike Warnke and John Todd, crank anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic writings, pseudolaw theories, etc. Depending on which version of the "Illuminati" story one believes, they are either a Satanic, Masonic, Zionist, atheist, reptilian,[1] or secular financial conspiracy. Despite the many different versions of the conspiracy theory, proponents of each version claim to have evidence that theirs is correct. The Illuminati secretly control world events and their symbol, the all-seeing eye, is on the back of the U.S. $1 bill. This belief, in whatever version, is patently ridiculous but it persists. When the Founding Fathers designed the Great Seal, the all-seeing eye was proposed by members of design committees who were not Freemasons (since conspiracy theorists regard Freemasons and the Illuminati to be practically the same). It was also not named the "all-seeing eye," as the cranks believe, but rather the "eye of providence"[2][3], a symbol for God[note 2].

    Several 20th century conspiracy theory books such as those by William Guy Carr, Nesta Webster, and Des Griffin combined John Robison's allegations about the Illuminati and Freemasonry with those of the hoax book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, to come up with an explicitly anti-Semitic version of the Illuminati theory. Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera on the other hand promoted an anti-Roman Catholic variant of the theory, alleging that the Illuminati project was a creation of the Vatican.

    Pat Robertson
    's version, on the other hand, is just plain weird, since it somehow touches on both the French Revolution and gay marriage.[4]

    Robertson, it seems, has company among other theocratic media weird opersonalities. Rick Wiles is under the impression that the Illuminati are not only linked to the 9/11 attacks but that the new One World Trade Center is actually a tribute to what he terms the "Free Mason/Illuminati New World Order".[5]

    The liars get on board[edit]

    Mike Warnke and John Todd, mentioned above, are two fake "ex-Satanist" Protestant evangelists. They have both described the Illuminati as the highest level of Satanism.

    Warnke claimed he learned of the Illuminati when attending a high-level conference of Satanists and Witches, shortly before he dropped out of Satanism to join the Navy and convert to Christianity. Todd claimed to have been a member of the Illuminati himself, which he said was a high council of druids secretly working to destroy Christianity and make witchcraft the official religion of the United States. Belief in the Illuminati as a Satanic conspiracy continues to be held by many evangelical Christians, despite both Warnke and Todd being exposed as frauds.

    To the true believer, exposing them as frauds only goes to show how far the Illuminati are willing to go to malign opponents.

    To this day there are many YouTube videos of people claiming to be "ex-Illuminati" members, whistleblowers, etc. The only problem is why there are so many. Why don't the Illuminati take these videos down? Oh, something as simple as an auto correct of "NWO" to "NOW" in the comments section will make people say the Illuminati don't want people to know about the NWO, but they refuse to take down people who are blatantly saying they exist! Another problem is that all the stories have contradictions with each other. You would think these guys would be telling the same story, but no two stories are the same!

    Illuminati in popular culture[edit]

    fnord has a better idea.

    The Illuminati play a role in books like Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, and the joke religion of Discordianism.

    The theory is also the basis of a kick-ass card game put out by Steve Jackson Games — not to mention video games that flat out depict the Illuminati as either an actual faction or even a playable one, such as Funcom's "The Secret World".

    The Illuminati are "well-known" to be behind Hollywood[6] and the Ford Motor Company[7]. It would seem that just about any organization you can name has been accused of being an Illuminati front.

    Today, some people think their secrets can be found on the deep web.

    Easter eggs in the media[edit]

    Katy Perry has the Eye of Horus in her "Dark Horse" music video, which is obviously somehow related to the Illuminati. Gasp!

    According to the theories, the Illuminati also have a "tendency" to put hidden symbols and clues to their existence around the world, and on money, for no apparent reason[note 3]. Nearly every popular culture icon, including television shows, politicians, musicians and any celebrity, are said to be somehow connected to the Illuminati in some way, from something as normal as a triangle[8] to a hand sign[9][note 4]. Maybe it's because they want you to know their evil plans, or maybe it's because they're bored at their broadcasting job[10].

    Probably the best example of this would be Tupac Shakur, whose last album issued before his death, entitled The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory, led to many theories.[note 5] The word "killuminati" (a portmanteau of the words "kill" and "Illuminati") is interpreted as Pac saying that he is speaking out against them and killing Illuminati, the truth being that he heard about them in prison and used logic — something the majority of these conspiracy nuts lack — to point out that:

    "If this organisation is so secret, how the **** does everyone know about it?"[note 6]

    There is also the claim that Tupac faked his death and will be coming back (since 2003[note 7])[11]. This is mainly because, a while before he died, Tupac was planning on permanently changing his rap name to Makaveli after the 15-16th century writer Niccolò Machiavelli.

    An equally good example would be rapper Jay-Z, who is supposedly very high in the Illuminati's hierarchy of celebrities. The hand gesture that he flashes has been cited as "proof" (in a very, very loose sense of the word) even though it's meant to represent the diamond of Roc-a-fella Records and is thrown up as frequently as the "East" or "West" hand signs. Some have compared it to that Temple of Astarte logo[12]. He is also accused of selling his soul, amongst other things[13]. As with Tupac, theorists just turn to bullshit to prove their points, interpreting that the name of his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy, backwards (Yvi Eulb) is Latin for "Lucifer's daughter," even though there is nothing to imply this[14]. Even the Church of Satan debunks this! [15] Jay Z has denied all these claims; his response to the conspiracy theorists can be heard in Rick Ross's song "Free Mason"[16].

    It can be very difficult to find anyone who isn't actually connected with the Illuminati. All of the claimed affiliations involve an occult symbol in a music video or photo (usually the "all-seeing eye", the Star of David, or a Pentagram). This is most likely to get people talking and get publicity. For example, if Rihanna has a newspaper cutout that says "Princess of the Illuminati" in a music video, millions of people will go and watch the video. In fact, there are even whole websites like this that are dedicated to finding pop stars who are part of the Illuminati. Basically, everyone.

    Michael Jackson
    is a very interesting case. One faction of the conspiracy community considers him a member of the Illuminati, employed to brainwash the public. Another faction, however, says that Jackson was not a member, but actually was fighting to expose their control of the music industry and media. Jackson was supposedly killed for this very reason. Either way, the theorists have all the bases covered.

    Spelling Illuminati in reverse and entering it as an URL leads to the NSA website[17]. This is merely someone purchasing that domain and redirecting it to a government website as "inconclusive proof" even though anyone can do so.[note 8].

    And, finally, there is the trend of blaming the Illuminati for the death of apparently anybody with any degree of fame.

    This is usually explained as the assassination of those who were just about to expose the conspiracy, or as one of the Illuminati's ritualistic, demonic "sacrifices"[18].

    When so-called symbolism is refuted, the Conspiracy theorist usually says that the Illuminati "created" that refutation as a cover-up to make the symbolism less blatant[19].

    One has to wonder... If the Illuminati controlled all the media, why won't they censor websites like PrisonPlanet and Vigilant Citizen? There are whole websites dedicated to "exposing" the Illuminati, but those are generally left alone!

    There are many YouTube videos claiming that a popular singer has "sold their soul" to the Devil. However, there are four major problems with this:

    • The cited celebrity could be joking.
    • The video could have been taken out of context to omit what that celebrity really meant.
    • Most titles of these videos are misleading.

    And the most obvious and common:

    • The celebrity could have been speaking metaphorically[20].

    One popular type of YouTube video is to cherrypick what celebrities say in speeches, and shoehorn the Illuminati into it, even when the Illuminati have nothing to do with what they're saying[21].

    If the UN even ACKNOWLEDGES a music video, then, that video is Illuminati[22].

    Celebrities are getting a lot of attention from this, so they're getting less and less subtle with the imagery.

    Rihanna went as far as to have a music video with the words "Illuminati Princess", and of course Mark Dice caught on to this before anyone else[23]. Lady Gaga is taking advantage of it to the point where she is starting to claim she's having dreams about the Illuminati — though what she is exactly dreaming about varies[24][25]. Celebs are even going so far as to use terms such as "I swear to Lucifer" instead of "I swear to God"[26], and Katy Perry jokes about selling her soul to the Devil[27].

    When Amy Winehouse was killed, CTs made a big deal of how she made a joke of refusing to "be molded into a triangle" in her last interview[28]. Of course, coincidences happen all the time, so this isn't exactly proof on its own.

    Often, theories will be made of symbolism over speculation. For example, when Kim Kardashian was undecided on what to name her baby, everyone decided to throw in their shoehorning[29]. Only, they were blatantly wrong and didn't even get the name right.

    The Deus Ex series of games features the Illuminati, though they are constantly fighting other shadowy organizations at the same time, like the UN New World Order, or the Knights Templar, or a Corporate Takeover of Earth or something, or FEMA death camps (or were those run by the Illuminati?).


    Unsurprisingly, whenever anyone tries to show evidence against the Illuminati, or refute bogus evidence for the Illuminati, said person is called a shill to spread disinformation,[30] or it's said that the evidence against them was created by the Illuminati to keep people from believing they exist. This makes the theory unfalsifiable.


    YouTube is the only website where you can blow the whistle and expose The Powers That Be without worrying about being assassinated. Due to this, it is advised that you only use YouTube[note 9] as a source, as you don't have to worry about misinfo.

    Seriously, though; YouTube is a horrible place to get evidence for… well, anything. It's probably THE largest repository of crank videos, despite the fact that Google is often accused of being in the cahoots with the Illuminati.

    It's a great place to find conspiracy documentaries and even lower-quality homemade ones. Some are as little as two-minute long montages of Mainstream Media,[31] most stretch across about three hours of content, and a select few can be tens of hours long!

    The bad thing about YouTube is that it actually gives nutjobs a way to get to otherwise sane, yet weak-minded skeptics.

    The type of "evidence" can range from a celebrity almost as crazy as them claiming the Illuminati exist,[32] those celebrity's siblings claiming the same,[note 10] and pretty much everything else. Expect every interview by the POTUS/Google/UN to be quote-mined, and expect a shit-ton of Illuminati whistle blowers too (And every other Conspiracy Theory too, actually). Actor Randy Quaid, one of the makers of these videos, attempted but failed to claim asylum in Canada on the basis that the Illuminati-based "Hollywood Star Whackers" were after him.[33][34]

    Yes, these people can be fun to watch sometimes, but dear god for the sake of your sanity, please tread lightly, don't stay for too long, and make sure you aren't logged in if you absolutely must watch these videos. And you'll probably be better off if you steer clear from the comments, but that generally applies to any YouTube video that has comments anyway.

    In a nutshell[edit]

    See also[edit]

    External links[edit]

    The most boring logo for an evilorganization ever.[note 1]

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    The Rothschilds, the banks and antisemitism - the truth and the myths

    In reality, the Rothschild banks are not – as has been repeatedly alleged – members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the biggest of the Fed’s 12 banks) and nor do those banks which are members “control” the Fed itself.

    • Antisemitic, conspiratorial graffiti

    • It is the conspiracy theory perhaps most beloved by antisemitic anoraks the world over. First peddled in the mid 19th century, it's now nearly 200 years and the myth that the Rothschild family – having plotted and profited from wars, caused the Holocaust and arranged the assassination of political opponents – secretly control the global economy is still going strong.
    • Earlier this year, Marine Le Pen drew none too subtle allusions between “the world of finance” and Emmanuel Macron – a one-time employee of the Rothschild investment bank – in what one observer dubbed “conspiracy-mongering”.
    • The Rothschilds have long been a favourite target of fascists. The Nazis made a 1940 movie about them, while American white supremacists and antisemites such as the Liberty Lobby have obsessed over their supposed control of the Federal Reserve Bank.
    • But the far-right does not have a monopoly on this one. In February, a former Labour parliamentary candidate shared a social media post about the Rothchilds “owning Israel” – which, in turned, controlled the US Congress and executive branch.
    • Two years ago, the Green party was forced to apologise when its foreign affairs spokesman (himself a former Labour MP) linked the family to the rise of Isis.
    • The original and most powerful Rothschild conspiracy theory contains many of the core elements of its later variations. The subject of the 1940 Goebbels production Die Rothschilds Aktien auf Waterloo, it dates back to 1846 and was published in a pamphlet written under the pseudonym Satan. It focuses on Nathan Rothschild, founder of the London branch of the bank and son of the dynasty’s creator, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

    • Banker and politician Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild and his brother Leopold de Rothschild (in top hat) in 1906 (PA/PA Archive/PA Images)
    • As Brian Cathcart, professor of journalism at Kingston University and author of News From Waterloo: The Race To Tell Britain of Wellington’s Victory, has recounted, “Satan” (the cover adopted by a French left-wing antisemite Georges Dairnvaell), alleged that Nathan was on the battlefield in June 1815 to witness the French defeat. Hastily returning to Britain before the news broke back home, he was able to use his knowledge to make 20 million francs on the stock exchange. In Dairnvaell’s telling, Cathcart writes, the Rothschilds’ “vast fortune was built upon the bloodshed of the battle of Waterloo”.Later variants of the story had Nathan in London but, still receiving the news before others, manipulating the stock exchange to cause a collapse in the price of shares, which he scooped up before the market rocketed when the news of Wellington’s victory was announced.
    • Over time, the edifice upon which Dairnvaell constructed his story was demolished. Nathan was not at Waterloo. The newspaper which allegedly reported the story of his share spending spree turned out to contain no such item. And there was, in fact, not even a huge collapse in share prices from which he could have profited.
    • At most, Nathan, like some others in the City, appears to have received the news of the French defeat several hours before the it officially broke. That news appears, too, to have allowed Nathan – as an employee of the bank wrote a month later – to have “done well” but, as Cathcart suggests, the market was not sufficiently buoyant to have allowed him to make gains on anywhere near the scale alleged by Dairnvaille, nor did he do as well as rival investors who had previously purchased huge numbers of government securities.
    • Nonetheless, thanks to the Rothschilds’ vast wealth – the French novelist Theophile Gautier would later write of the “century of the Rothschilds” – vast conspiracies continued to be spun: that the family pulled the strings behind a succession of French 19thcentury monarchs, including Louis XVIII, Louis-Philippe and Napoloen III; turned Otto von Bismarck into an “agent”; and worked to foment the 1870 Franco-Prussian war.
    • The notion that, as the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, put it in 1995: “The Rothschilds financed both sides of all European wars” was a recurring myth. Their aim, according to Farrakhan and his followers, was “to get their hands on the Central Bank of America”; a goal apparently achieved with the passage of the 1913 legislation establishing the Federal Reserve Bank. In reality, the Rothschild banks are not – as has been repeatedly alleged – members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the biggest of the Fed’s 12 banks) and nor do those banks which are members “control” the Fed itself.
    • That role is exercised by board of governors, who are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
    • Similarly, the Rothschilds have also been accused of having “took over” the Bank of England during the famous “panic of 1825” stock market crash. Again, this is false: the Rothschilds helped ease the Bank’s liquidity crisis by giving it a loan which was later repaid.
    • The alleged words of Nathan Rothschild – “The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply” – are frequently used to support the theories about the Rothschilds’ control of the Fed and Bank of England. But, argues Brian Dunning, an expert on conspiracy theories, these words (which are also sometimes attributed to his father, Mayer) appear never to have been uttered by Nathan. Instead, their origin seems to lie in a – false – 1939 quote by the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, Robert L Owen.

    • An antisemitic anti-Rothschild cartoon
    • Perhaps the most pernicious and offensive of the Rothschild conspiracy theories, however, is that the family somehow engineered the second world war and the Holocaust in order to generate the sympathy necessary to establish the state of Israel. But, as Dunning notes, the “only seed of truth” to the claim that the Rothschilds “funded the Holocaust” is that the Nazis seized the Austrian Rothschilds’ assets, effectively holding the head of the family, Baron Louis, prisoner for several months as they stole his money. But for those wishing to stir the pot of antisemitism, the facts are never allowed to get in the way of a good story.


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