Wheat prices jump following U.S.-NATO attack on Russian warships in Black Sea

Tuesday, November 01, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It appears the West has successfully deconstructed the Black Sea Grain Initiative (BSGI) with a new terrorist attack, which reports indicate has sent wheat prices soaring.
After a swarm of Ukrainian drones (or drones supplied to Ukraine by the United States and NATO) targeted at least one Russian warship from its Black Sea naval fleet, Russia announced no more deal – meaning no more grains being safely shipped out of Black Sea ports to the rest of the world.
The BSGI was formed and launched back in July to ensure that Eastern European grains, including those from Russia, could be safely exported to the rest of the world. That deal was set to expire on November 19 with the possibility of renewal if Russia agreed.
The deal expired early, however, after the West launched a “massive” drone attack in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol, prompting Russia to pull out of the BSGI with no further plans of facilitating grain exports via the Black Sea.
Wheat in particular was hit hard by an inflationary spike following the terrorist attack, making it that much more expensive for the Third World to import. (Related: There is a global “wheat war” underway – are you prepared?)
Not just wheat but also corn, soybeans and soybean oil also spiked, these also being major commodities that countries rely on for sustenance.
If the Black Sea Grain Initiative peters out completely, tens of millions of people could starve to death

On Sunday, no grain shipments passed through the Black Sea safety corridor. On Monday, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Nations agreed to allow 14 grain vessels to pass.
If, in fact, Russia ends the BSGI for good, there is no telling just how expensive wheat, corn, soy and other commodities will become. The sky truly seems to be the limit.
The end result could be tens of millions of people starving to death, all because the billionaire globalists are throwing a temper tantrum at the disruption of their deep state operations in Ukraine by Russian forces.
According to Joe Davis, director of commodity sales at the Chicago-based brokerage firm Futures International LLC, “the UN, with Ukraine and Turkey, will continue the grain deal despite Russia pulling out.”
Davis added that the wheat market will continue to be volatile as traders closely watch what develops in the Black Sea.
“When the agreement was made to allow the safe passage of grain ships, I don’t think there was a clause to allow those lanes to be used for attacking Russia,” expressed a commenter about the matter.
“Imagine the screeching if Russia had used the lanes to attack a Ukrainian port.”
Another pointed out that the terrorist attack was specifically aimed at killing the BSGI because the West “wants its own people to starve.”
“Food and energy shortages coupled with deindustrialization in the West are a central part of the agenda,” this person added.
Another speculated that these grain shipments were not even going to the Third World in the first place, but rather “to Europe and Cargill,” the traders of which “made all-time record profits from it.”
Someone else wrote a chilling poem that cuts to the heart of the matter. Ukraine, the poem suggests, continues to dig its own grave and will eventually have to face the music for the nightmare it is inflicting upon itself and the rest of the world.
“A Ukrainian chicken went to the market to sell her eggs, but then thought it was a better idea to fight a Bear. She became chicken sausage with scrambled eggs with wheat toast on the side.”
As the entire world economy falls like a house of cards, we will keep you informed about the latest at Collapse.news.
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Wheat prices jump following U.S.-NATO attack on Russian warships in Black Sea – NaturalNews.com