Where's Mitt? In warm, sunny California

By Peter Alexander and Matthew DeLuca, NBC News

Itís chilly on the Capitol steps today, but thatís no problem for Mitt Romney.

The former Republican presidential contender is spending Inauguration Day at his home in La Jolla, Calif., where itís sunny with a forecasted high of 73 degrees.

An aide told NBC News that the former Massachusetts governor and his wife have "no big plans."

Asked if the governor was likely to watch the inaugural ceremonies today, the aide said, "Doubtful."

Itís not surprising that Romney is keeping himself far from the fanfare and tri-color bunting; heís kept a low profile since losing the election in November.

Romneyís son Tagg told The Boston Globe in December that his father was never really all that into winning the nationís highest office anyway.

ďHe wanted to be president less than anyone Iíve met in my life,Ē Tagg told the newspaper. ďHe is a very private person who loves his family deeply and wants to be with them, but he has deep faith in God and he loves his country, but he doesnít love the attention.