Whistleblower with royal ancestry confirms that fake Chinese ballots were sent to Mississippi, Florida and North Carolina

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

Natural News) Chinese whistleblower Vinness A. Ollervides has confirmed that as many as five million fake ballots were printed in communist China and shipped to North America to be used in the 2020 election.
Of royal ancestry, Ollervides, who also goes by the name of “Venice,” says that his conscience and belief in God led him to fish for information that would “expose China’s interference in the U.S. election.” And he says there is much more to come very soon.
“I will expose more information to prove that this election is false!” Ollervides tweeted on Dec. 3.
As you may recall from our earlier reporting, two Chinese men were captured on tape talking about and looking at fake ballots, examining their authenticity in relation to the real thing.
At one point in the video, ballots intended for Charlotte County, Fla., are seen, along with ballots for other unidentified areas. Ollervides, who captured the footage, says fake ballots were sent to various key swing states, including Florida and North Carolina.
“Mr. Ollervides (@vialoysia), former political insider of Chinese Communist Party, has corroborated that around 1.5 million bogus ballots from swing states were unaccounted for after being exported from China to Canada and Mexico since July,” tweeted Chinese account @weiyuksj1 on Nov. 29.
In other words, it would appear as though five million fake ballots were created, and 1.5 million of them are now unaccounted for, according to reports.
As more news breaks concerning the fraudulent election, we will let you know about it at Trump.news.
Many ex-CCP whistleblowers are coming forward with evidence of election fraud

Ollervides, by the way, has an interesting life story and background. He studies in the West, speaks six languages, and is a writer and artist. His father died in prison for the role he played in Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.
Now a political activist, Ollervides is a third-generation aristocrat of the CCP who is banned from China for public speeches he has made about the democracies in Taiwan, Tibet and Manchu.
Ollervides has an ancestral tomb known as Isangga where he and his mother were seen together in a photo that was taken during an ancestor veneration.
Why this is important has everything to do with the revelations that Ollervides is bringing to light about the fake ballots, which he witnessed firsthand as part of an investigation.
Ollervides is one of many ex-CCP detractors who are fighting on behalf of We the People to preserve free and fair elections in the United States. His efforts could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, hopefully getting the attention of at least some in the media who are willing to investigate and report on the truth.
While most of the corporate media, including Fox News, has already declared Joe Biden to be the “winner” of the election, independent outlets like Newsmax are watching closely as the “kraken” gets released.
“Heavenly Father, we ask that You expose all the fraud, corruption and wicked acts done in this election,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit who offered up a prayer of support for these endeavors. “And bless, strengthen and protect President Trump and those around him.”
Another responded with a similar prayer calling on God to prevent Satan from taking “the reins of American out of the hands of the man you gave them to, President Trump.”
“I ask you Father to uncover and negate all the fraud that has come against President Trump, to let every legal vote be counted and let not any illegal vote be counted,” this same commenter added.
To lend your support for free and fair elections, be sure to check out attorney Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic website.
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Whistleblower with royal ancestry confirms that fake Chinese ballots were sent to Mississippi, Florida and North Carolina – NaturalNews.com