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September 8, 2011

White House releases talking points to liberals ahead of speech

Published: 12:50 PM 09/08/2011 | Updated: 3:15 PM 09/08/2011

The teleprompter script for tonight’s speech by President Barack Obama is still a secret, but the White House’s script for spinning reporters, bloggers, and their audiences has been leaked to The Daily Caller.

White House officials distributed a set of talking points early Thursday to guide Democratic legislators and advocacy groups who will be filling up the airwaves, Internet message boards and printing presses before and after Obama’s speech tonight to a joint session of Congress.

The talking points repeat Obama’s favored campaign-trail themes, depicting the economy as a victim of President George W. Bush; the Republicans as unpatriotic and greedy partisans; and Obama as an optimistic, fair-minded, reformist, bipartisan, fiscal moderate.

Republicans spinners will likely disagree tonight with all of those depictions, and follow their own poll-tested script. Over the last few weeks, for example, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been working hard to shift the GOP’s message towards job creation rather than deficit-cutting. (RELATED: Boehner: Most Americans would choose pigskin over the president)

The White House’s pre-speech spin ramped up this morning when Carney appeared on morning TV shows to announce that the president’s package of proposals will be collectively titled “The Americans Jobs Act.