The Times Are Not Really Changing

The white man is the enduring arch-villain in the Cultural Marxist conception of history.

By Amalric de Droevig

Sarah Jeong, tech writer for the New York Times, thinks “white men are bullshit”. Pankaj Mishra, another writer for the New York Times, thinks the “religion of whiteness” (remember, white people don’t really exist according to the “party of science”) is leading the Earth toward “racial war and chaos”. It’s eerie how similar anti-racism and good ol’ racism sound, is it not?

The thing is, anti-white racism (anti-asperism) is not some peculiar aberration from or incidental to modern leftism, but its essence. These insane articles and shameful events are not isolated, nor are they unfortunate examples of leftist hypocrisy or fallibility, they are the apotheosis of leftist thought. Jeong and Mishra believe exactly what their Marxist professors taught them and are exactly what Western power structures (including the press and the entertainment industry) have conditioned them to be.
The white man is the enduring arch-villain in the Cultural Marxist conception of history. He is not inventing calculus or developing life-saving vaccines or traveling to the moon, he is terrorizing every innocent non-white in his midst, depriving each and every one of them of their god-given rights to life, liberty, and opportunity for no apparent reason. The white man looms large in the minds of the modern left. He is a cartoon whose boots only Lucifer himself could fill.
After all, what do feminists and Islamists have in common save white-hatred? Without delusions of victimhood at the hands of the all-powerful white man (either via gender discrimination in corporate promotions or via bombs raining down on small Afghan villages), there’s really nothing. Anti-white hatred is the glue that holds the modern left together.
In this way, the right’s griping about the left’s philosophical inconsistency (i.e. its unwillingness to police anti-white racism like it polices all other forms of racism) is shown to be perfectly valid but also perfectly absurd. In the first place, the left has never been philosophically consistent about much of anything. In the second place, there is no left without white-hatred. The modern political left is anti-white by design. Indeed, dismantling everything perceived to be white is much of the political left’s very reason for existing. Taking the white-hatred out of the political left would be like taking Christ out of Christmas.
The Cultural Marxist left’s crusade against the patriarchy isn’t a crusade against the patriarchy, it’s a crusade against the *white* patriarchy (which doesn’t exist, mind you). Genuinely oppressive patriarchies in non-white cultures and territories (think China or the Middle East) must be tolerated in the name of almighty diversity. Likewise, the social justice crusade against “hate speech” (aka the truth) takes no exception to the crude anti-white racist rhetoric pervading “black twitter”. Furthermore, I’m quite certain I’ve never read an op-ed in any periodical of note excoriating Japan’s restrictive immigration policy, or Mexico’s for that matter.
You can pretty much put the word “white” in front of all of the left’s bugaboos in order to properly comprehend them. The modern left doesn’t oppose tradition, it opposes white traditions. It isn’t against religion, it’s against the white man’s religion (Christianity). The enemy only appears to change; in reality, only the weapon changes.
This is of course only necessary when the left is being opaque about the fundamentally anti-white orientation of its racist propaganda. With terms like “white fragility” and “white privilege” the “white” is provided free of inquiry and there is no way to even doubt what the left is seeking to destroy, being wide open about its animus and its designs.
To the political left, “racism” only matters and has only ever mattered when whites are engaged in it. If any other group (blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, whoever) is advancing its racial interests, even in ways deeply detrimental to the interests of other groups, it isn’t racism at all, but “social justice” instead.
As before stated, the vile white-hatred on full display at the New York Times in recent months cannot be chalked up to mounting frustration with trolls or moral imperfection. These were not random events, nor are Jeong and Mishra leftist radicals or fringe characters. They and their anti-white attitudes are very much mainstream on the left. These thinkers and these attitudes, if anything, are the culmination of Cultural Marxist thought. They are the logical and predictable results of that vile and delusional ideology. Truth be told, the fundamentally anti-white ideology of the left hasn’t changed much since mid-century. The only real difference is that now the left has the demographics and the political capital to be open about its disdain for all things white.
These urban elites can couch their racist propaganda in whatever fashionable buzzwords they choose, but sensible people know blatant racism when they see it. If only the American people were more aware of the covert anti-white racism that imbues and defines the modern left. The vicious little racist stuff over at the Times is but the fruit of a much larger fungus. What’s more, if anything is leading the world toward racial war and chaos, it is not whiteness or white supremacy (a virtually nonexistent force in contemporary geopolitics), but Cultural Marxism, the prevailing ideology of the Western World, which has made mass migration (invasion) into formerly white nations a human right, the word “white” into a slur and being white into a veritable sin.