Who Gets Priority Under ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion? Itís So Absurd Itís Almost Unbelievable

45 Shares By Kristina Ribali 5 hours ago

A shocking new video released this morning by the Foundation for Government Accountability highlights in an entertaining manner a serious issue few are even aware of Ė the crowding out of services for the current Medicaid population by ex-cons.
According to the video and the Department of Justice, 35 percent of those newly eligible for Medicaid under ObamaCare have a criminal history. Yes, thatís right, 1 in 3 of the new expansion population may be former prisoners.
But providing health care to ex-cons really isnít the main problem here. The issue is with the perverse incentives under expansion. Criminals will be prioritized over the truly vulnerable in our society. How can that be, you ask?
The new expansion population has a higher reimbursement rate than those in ďold Medicaid,Ē all but ensuring those who are the sickest among us get pushed to the back of the line.
ďThe entire idea of Medicaid expansion would be absurd if it werenít so terrifying,Ē said Tarren Bragdon, CEO of The Foundation for Government Accountability. ďNot only does ObamaCare expansion ruin a stateís financial future, it also sends the disabled, the elderly and children to the back of the line while the criminals go to the front.Ē
Medicaid was originally only intended to provide medical care for the disabled, the blind, low income mothers and the neediest among us. It was never intended to give free health care to able-bodied, working age, mostly childless adults who have other options. And it was never intended to prioritize those with a criminal history while simultaneously robbing $716 billion from our seniors receiving Medicare; but thatís exactly what itís doing now.
Whatís worse is that the victims of violent crimes will now be paying the medical bills of those who victimized them, all while watching their grandparentís and childrenís health care suffer,Ē Ė Bragdon explains.
Itís so absurd itís almost unbelievable. ObamaCare may have helped some, but for many it continues to be a nightmare that wonít end.