WHO Pandemic Treaty a ploy to usher in One World Government, Kenyan doctor warns

05/15/2024 // Ramon Tomey // 910 Views

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A Kenyan physician has warned that the World Health Organization's (WHO) proposed pandemic treaty is but a ploy to usher in a globalist One World Government.Dr. Wahome Ngare issued this warning during the Second African Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Family Values and Sovereignty, held from May 1 to 3 in the city of Entebbe in Uganda. According to the obstetrician-gynecologist, the real purpose of the treaty – which gives the global health body total control over its member nations on the matter of public health – is depopulation. He added that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), in the form of the pathogen and the vaccine, is part of the depopulation effort. (Related: Is the WHO Pandemic Treaty a red herring designed to deceive?)
But Ngare mentioned that this depopulation agenda through the injections only preface a bigger depopulation campaign via the treaty. The amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that are part and parcel of the Pandemic Treaty will determine how the WHO, and by extension its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, would manage pandemics.
"The WHO is seeking to increase its powers so that the director-general can unilaterally declare that there is a pandemic, whether real or imagined. The minute he pronounces that, the new regulations would allow him to take charge of pandemic management in every country that is a signatory to [the] WHO," he explained.
"It is Tedros who will say when you will lock down, whether you can ever go to work [and] which vaccines you'll be given. If the WHO causes so much damage with its current power, can you imagine what it would do if you actually gave it more power?"
Ngare ultimately concluded that the WHO "is no longer a health-promoting body" but "an imperialist arm of global corporate interests." He continued that both the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments will give the global health body "the mandate to use the pandemics to establish a One World Government by totally obliterating the sovereignty of member states and countries and eroding the citizens' individual liberties."
Ngare urges African nations to RESIST Pandemic Treaty

The ob-gyn also recounted how the globalists injected African females with contraceptives presented as "tetanus vaccines." Females from age 14 to 49 were injected with these contraceptives every six months, with the "vaccines" developed by the WHO, the United Nations and the World Bank.
Ngare wasn't all doom and gloom, however, as he suggested several ways that African nations can push back against this draconian treaty.
First, he called on African nations to avoid this immense harm by formally writing to the WHO to reject the treaty and IHR amendments. He also urged them to "consider exiting the WHO by 2024, which is when the pandemic treaty is supposed to come into force."
Ngare also urged African countries to "collectively call for an end to gain-of-function research," something he described as both absurd and extremely dangerous.
"African countries should take a step and say, 'It is criminal for anybody to train viruses and bacteria to attack human beings as a way of creating a vaccine just in case the virus escapes.' That is witchcraft, it is not medicine."
The doctor also exhorted representatives of African countries to "collectively treat all vaccination programs as a national security risk," explaining: "If you cannot determine what is in the vaccine that is being given to your people, you may be opening a door to destroy the African population."
Lastly, the Nairobi-based ob-gyn called for the rejection of any plans to link individual health records – including vaccination records – to the digital ID being forced on African countries.
"Honorable members, do not allow the government to access private health information as a means to determine who will get health services or not. It is medically unethical and it is against basic human rights."
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