Will Los Angeles’s Welfare Community Riot If There Are Further EBT Outages?

October 16, 2013 6:37am PST

Many people think it’s no coincidence that a “glitch” with the computers managing “Electronic Benefit Transfer” cards (i.e., “EBT cards” or “Food Stamps”) occurred during the shutdown. They believe, instead, that the Obama administration was reminding the one-sixth of Americans that is dependent on government handouts for food that they better cast their votes for the political party that believes you should give a man fish forever, rather than teaching him out to fish and giving him the opportunity to do so. (That would be the Democrat party, of course.)

Intentional or not, the EBT outage did scare a lot of people who rely on EBT cards not just for food but as a form of black market currency. EBT cards are routinely bartered for amongst welfare recipients in exchange for services, products, and even drugs and alcohol.

WorldStarHipHop sent one of its people out onto the poor streets of Los Angeles to talk to people about the EBT breakdown. Of those men who spoke on camera, none referred to himself as being EBT dependent. Instead, all expressed concern for the other people dependent on the EBT program.