Wisconsin school district: Anti-discrimination laws DO NOT PROTECT white students

Monday, March 28, 2022 by: Ramon Tomey

(Natural News) A school district (SD) in Wisconsin argued that anti-discrimination laws do not protect white students, explaining that they are part of the majority and do not belong to any protected class.
The argument emerged amid a complaint filed by a white mother against the Elmbrook SD in Wisconsin. Speaking to the Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity, she said her daughter enrolled in a school that was part of the SD was failing. The daughter was also suffering from depression, but had been working with health professionals.
However, school administrators refused to communicate unless the mother allowed the school to access the student’s personal healthcare information and to conduct an open dialogue with medical professionals helping her daughter. The mother also revealed that in the course of attending school board meetings and the SD’s teaching and learning committee meetings, the accommodations being refused to her daughter was advocated for students with non-white and low-income background – leading her to file a complaint.
Elmbrook SD Assistant Superintendent Tanya Fredrich responded to the complaint after an investigation. Despite claiming that the student’s race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status played no role in the decision, she concluded that the student is not a member of any protected class defined by law.
“[The] student is not a member of any class that is legally protected from discrimination by state or federal law. To the contrary, the student’s race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status are what are considered to be the majority status, and thus do not form a basis for claiming that the student is being treated or has been treated less favorably than persons not in the protected class,” Fredrich wrote in her complaint response. (Related: Teachers union head defends indoctrinating children with critical race theory.)
The mother who filed the complaint told the Daily Caller that the assistant superintendent’s response and Elmbrook SD’s handling of her complaint are “just one of many examples of how [their] district is being run.” She continued: “We feel that as an organization, the leaders of Elmbrook SD are either incompetent or intentionally creating a hostile environment for their students and within our community.”
WILL: “All race discrimination is illegal race discrimination”

Fredrich’s argument did not sit well with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), which expressed its condemnation in a March 9 letter. The letter addressed to Elmbrook SD Superintendent Mark Hansen slammed the district’s “legally and factually wrong” stance on the issue, adding that “it is frankly shocking that a public educational institution could hold such a view.”
“All people are protected by federal and state non-discrimination laws. There is no such thing as a ‘protected class’ in the sense that some races are protected, while others are not. Black and brown students do not have different rights. They have identical rights to white students and must be treated identically to white students. There is certainly nothing in the law concerning a diminished set of rights for those with ‘majority status.'”
The WILL letter concluded: “The law’s mandate is that your teachers and staff are colorblind, and we hope you do the necessary work to have your staff embrace this non-negotiable principle.”
“This is a real concrete example of how critical race theory (CRT) is actually put into practice. It means reverse discrimination is important and necessary,” said WILL Deputy Counsel Daniel Lennington. The deputy counsel, who penned the letter alongside WILL President and General Counsel Richard Esenberg, heads the group’s Equality Under The Law project.
“They think there’s something called protected classes, where only certain people are in protected classes and that there’s a majority class that does not benefit from these protections. That’s what CRT teaches, but that’s not what the law is.”
Despite the letter, Lennington lamented that Elmbrook SD refuses to own up to their faulty view. “It is disappointing that they will not simply admit their mistake. [Nevertheless,] we will continue to monitor the district’s compliance with basic principles of equality and their administration of colorblind policies.”
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