This Woman has Been Selected to Lead a Nation’s Health Initiatives; Would you Trust Her?

October 15, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Maggie De Block, Belgium’s new “Minister of Public Health’

If you think we have it bad with Michelle Obama, who is not a nutritionist, using government to tell you what you what you can and cannot eat, wait until you see who has been put in charge of ‘health’ for Belgium.

When you think of the word ‘health,’ what comes to mind? Is it someone who is physically fit? What about someone who is actively shedding pounds and eating in a healthy manner? If this person was tasked with leading a nation as the ‘Minister of Public Health’ in the fight against obesity, would you trust advice, policies, and ‘regulations’ from someone who is morbidly obese?Well, meet Maggie De Block, who is responsible for the health of Belgium and their rising obesity problem.

Granted, we don’t know Maggie’s struggles and she reportedly has an excellent reputation in government. But, many are questioning her qualifications to be health minister considering the fact that she weighs more than 20 stone, that is nearly 300 lbs.

The 52-year old De Block has the qualifications for the position on paper. She was a general practitioner for 25 years. But, will her own and obvious weight problem cause people to not take her seriously in her position? Will her appointment backfire as more people choose to ignore her for not setting a good example?

Maybe she plans on leading by example and embarking on a weight loss journey to be fit for life. But, nothing of that nature has been announced as a plan.

To her critics, De Block says, “”I know I’m not a model but you have to see what’s inside, not the packaging.”

Would you listen to a person guiding you on health issues if they weighed nearly 300 lbs?