World Economic Forum wants big government, big banks, big corporations to vaccinate the world

Friday, December 18, 2020 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) The World Economic Forum is just another elitist’s club that seeks to control as much of the globe as possible, as it proved again last week with its plan to vaccinate the planet against COVID-19.
The WEF is proposing a management trio — big business, big government, and big banks — to play a “pivotal role” in distributing the still-dicey vaccines.
“With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and the prospect of a cold, socially distanced winter looming ahead, all of us are hoping that our jobs, businesses, schools and social lives will soon return to some semblance of normalcy,” says a report the organization posted online.
“Universally, there’s the belief that the availability of a vaccine will break the spell and we can finally rid ourselves of our masks. But the last mile from ‘vaccine’ to ‘vaccination’ must be trekked before our world can truly start to become safe, and that journey is fraught with challenges,” the report continues.
“Workplace norms and employers that encourage pandemic-time discipline, even after the vaccination programs kickoff, will play a pivotal role in driving continued positive outcomes,” it adds.
Now mind you, President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” effort aside, the two newly available vaccines — one from Pfizer and one from Moderna — are still extremely experimental. They’re only being distributed because they are under an emergency mandate. (Related: As vaccine shipments arrive, Department of Veterans Affairs will target blacks and Hispanics first.)
But also, what happens if/when COVID-19 simply…dies down?
That’s what happened with the SARS, MERS, and Swine Flu viruses in the last decade. They came, they saw, and they went. Never did anyone develop a vaccine for those illnesses, and neither did we isolate two-thirds of the globe against them, either.
So what is the rush now? Are we that certain COVID is as big a killer as we’ve been told? Because one thing is certain: It’s not as infectious as, say, the flu or even some of the other previous viruses. As of this writing, COVID-19 has been in the U.S. for about a year, our health experts claim, and there has only been about 18 million cases (10.2 million of which have recovered).
A typical influenza season is shorter and infects many tens of millions more people. Oh, and the flu vaccine is maybe 30-50 percent effective. Maybe.
And we don’t have the triumvirate of big corporations, banks and governments in charge of vaccinating the world — why do we need to do it for COVID-19?
For all the bluster, the WEF report sure sounds like the ruling elite want to mandate vaccination too, by the way.
“Some of these problems, though complex, are well-defined – like connecting the dots between vaccine providers, distributors and consumers, nurturing a cold supply chain framework or even streamlining the broad spectrum of vaccine management from prioritization and administration, all the way to adverse effect monitoring. In fact, we recently announced a software solution that does exactly that. Then again, not all problems, in this context, are as well-framed,” the report says.
“For example, public hesitancy towards vaccination, brought on by a fear of side-effects, is rampant,” it continues. “Given that this is adult vaccination at a scale which we have not done ever before, it is only natural that the workplace will emerge as one of the key hubs for evangelizing and expanding vaccination cover.”
The report adds:
Governments, central banks and organizations like W.H.O. are hugely supported by enterprises joining the good fight. Public-private partnerships, adopting the ‘all hands-on deck’ approach, have served us tremendously well even as corporations fight their own battle to protect employees, redeploy capabilities to help new pressing needs, steady cashflows and keep the economy running.
From contact tracing apps, digital health passports, technology for safer public spaces, vaccine discovery, logistics capabilities for vaccine distribution to massive philanthropic funding for community support, enterprises are truly partnering nations struggling to tide things over through these trying times.
“These trying times” have been fabricated through a combination of faulty government experts, media shaming, fake science, and fear porn.
What is true already is that Big Pharma companies made out like bandits thanks to COVID-19. The government spent billions on vaccines so far and billions more will be spent to vaccinate everyone (or as many people as possible). Who stands to profit from that, in addition to Big Pharma corporations?
The banks, of course, and governments — the former in terms of profits and the latter in terms of control.
So, when it comes to this vaccine, some believe already “just say no” is the best strategy.
Stay tuned to to find out how our lords and masters plan to exert more control over us in the coming months and years.
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World Economic Forum wants big government, big banks, big corporations to vaccinate the world –