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According to investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, the central bankers want complete control by initiating a government coup.She gave this assertion in a June 14 appearance on the Brighteon.TV program "World War Zeee" with Australian independent journalist and program host Maria Zeee. Fitts noted that the central bankers, under the leadership of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), are already telling people their plans.
She pointed to a video of BIS General Manager Agustin Carsens expressing his support for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Carsens said he backs the CBDC as he can own the money, control what people do, set the rules and enforce them centrally.
Fitts added that the BIS, which is described as the central bank of central banks, is running the global process on getting all 114 of its member countries on a CBDC. But she warned that the moment the CBDC ultimately centralizes, the BIS member countries will be forced to give control to Switzerland. This would lead to the end of both individual and national sovereignty, she added.
"There's this balance of power, but with a digital ID and CBDCs or a credit card system that uses these kinds of codings – essentially, you have the bankers taking over the fiscal side … replacing the executive branch and replacing the legislature," said Fitts, former assistant housing secretary during the first Bush administration.
"The bankers can make up the rules and enforce them – and literally get rid of the legislature and the executive branch. So, this is a coup. This is a fundamental change in the governance system using the digital transaction system as control."
"We're talking about complete central control. And what's important to understand is you're talking about doing it in a way that is so invasive that it's also part of a governance coup d'etat, but literally a surveillance and tracking and influence system that gives them permission essentially to mind control you. So, this is a very ugly thing."
Fitts: People worldwide saw "absolute control" during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fitts mentioned that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic served as an opportunity for people worldwide to see how "absolute control" worked, with the effort to shut down independent income. She emphasized to Zeee that financial control can happen once more during another pandemic.
True enough, the Zeee Media founder said Commonwealth countries are pushing with digitalization efforts aggressively. She mentioned the example of Bankwest, one of the "Big Four" major banks in the Land Down Under, shutting down all its branches and going completely digital by the end of the year. Zeee added that other major banks are refusing cash transactions over the counter.
The investment banker noted that a consolidated banking system can be seen in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. She nevertheless warned that a similar thing could happen in the United States.
Fitts also mentioned warnings by Neel Kashkari, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, about the dangers of adopting a CBDC. In May, he remarked that there is "no evidence that [a CBDC] is better," adding that calls to embrace it are "just a bunch of hand-waving word salad." (Related: CBDCs will be used to control and enslave people – but they're also destined to fail.)
According to Kashkari, a CBDC could be used to monitor the transactions of every person, as well as impose negative interest rates and directly tax customer accounts. Zeee agreed with the American economist's statements, pointing out that it could mean a list of endless taxes on people.
Fitts ultimately concluded that the CBDC is about a slavery system, something people need to understand. This is also about the end of human liberty in the West and the end of any democratic process, as well as complete physical control at the individual level.
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