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    WUSSIFICATION: The Feminization of American Society

    WUSSIFICATION: The Feminization of American Society

    Posted on July 21, 2014

    What has made America a super power in the world? According to this column by David L. Goetsch, it was men. Men have been responsible for many of the things that have made America. So, what happens when American males become neutered by the culture? Check it out…

    Who fought the bloody battles of the American Revolution that established America as a free and sovereign nation? It was men. Who drafted the Declaration of Independence and Constitution—two of the most significant documents in human history? It was men. Who went chin to chin with Hitler’s storm troopers in four years of brutal battles and saved the world from Nazi tyranny? It was men. Who battled Tojo’s suicidal troops down to the last man on a string of Pacific islands? It was men. Who constructed the skyscrapers that give New York City its distinctive skyline? It was men. Who rebuilt New York’s skyline after it was destroyed by crazed terrorists on 9-11? It was men.

    In fact, if you examine the actions, inventions, decisions, and activities that made the United States the world’s sole superpower (at least prior to implementation of the Obama administration’s destructive policies), they were accomplished primarily by men. I take nothing away from women who also played significant roles in all of these examples. Rather, my point is that if you are an American man, you have nothing to apologize for. Rather, you should be proud. So why do so many men in America feel compelled to apologize for…for what…for being men?

    The answer to this question is simple: Feminists are neutering the American male and the American male is letting it happen. In his book, Missing from Action: Vanishing Manhood in America, author Welden M. Hardenbrook writes:

    “Over the years I have had the privilege of working with the broad spectrum of men who can only be found in America. No matter who they have been—capitalists, communists, college students, dropouts, Christians, atheists, blacks, whites, young, or old—they have had one problem in common. They have suffered to one degree or another from the touch of the feminizing forces that have taken over the land. These men have not been sure what it means to be a man…They are men who refuse to take responsibility. Their passivity and inaction ensure that…leadership in their homes belongs to their wives.”
    Hardenbrook might have added that it isn’t just in the home where men are no longer leaders.

    Read more: Patriot Update

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