You Cannot Legislate Morality But You Can Legislate Against It

Posted on May 11, 2013 by Dave Jolly

For centuries, man has been trying to legislate or create laws that govern the morality of people. Kings, Queens, Czars, Shahs, Chiefs, Premiers and Presidents have made laws to tell the people what not to do and what to do in an attempt to control their morality and values.
Many of those laws were based on Godís laws that He gave us in the Bible and many were based upon manís own perception of what he believed we should all be like. For example, almost every nation, culture and tribe have laws or rules that say murder is wrong, based upon the commandment that God gave us. But other rules and laws are not based upon Godís laws, but on manís ideas such as laws to legitimize sinful lifestyles.
Today in America, we have volumes and volumes of law books filled with manmade laws that are supposed to make us a moral people, but they donít. In Genesis 6:5 we read:
ďThe LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.Ē
Regardless of all the laws on the books, manís heart IS wicked and his thoughts evil. No amount of legislation will ever force man to become more moral.

However, there is a lot of legislation that can lead to man becoming less and less moral. Laws that forbid prayer in schools or teaching about the Bible, God and Jesus Christ will only result in generations of kids devoid of proper moral instruction. In the place of biblical moral instruction, our kids are being taught that homosexuality is normal and that itís okay to have sexual relations before and outside of marriage.

Our government has passed laws that label moral biblical teaching as hate language. If a Christian tries to operate his business according to his faith, he finds that he has violated human and civil rights laws. In some areas of our nation, they have passed laws that forbid Christians from sharing their faith in public places such as sidewalks and street corners. Laws have been passed to prevent Christians from protesting outside of some abortion clinics while trying to prevent infanticide.

These days, our local, state and federal governments are creating more and more laws that only serve to further undermine the moral integrity of the American people. Then they turn around and wonder why our nation is going down the proverbial moral toilet.

With manís evil heart and thoughts, itís hard enough for him to be upright and moral, but when our governments continually pass anti-moral laws, the situation will naturally only get worse. Itís a proven fact that you canít legislate morality, but you can certainly legislate against it and thatís whatís happening in our country.

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