If the crap hits the fan and you manage to survive how long could you live off the food,meds,water and other necessities ?
We try to prepare for emergengy situations like storms and power outage .We have had to do without power for over a week,we learned a lot from that.its very hard and you find yourself reaching to turn on the light that no longer works often.
We bought some oil lamps,a few candles extra batteries and stuff bt still not really as prepared as many people are.
We do have a garden,some chickens and a few dogs to warn us.
Don't think going into detail is a good thing online but living in this world that can turn dangerus quick its good to prepare as best you can.
Lots of peopel are doing this many accordign to their financial situations of course.
I read about BOB aka,bug ot bags,plenty of ammo,BOV bug out vehicles in case they need to run.
Some even go as fr as ordering cammo ,night vision,military gear ,batteries,etc,etc,etc.
Others move to the woods and like us try to have some chickens,garden and minor things we can afford.
Just thought I'd put this out here.