Zelensky organizes Peace Summit in Switzerland – but leaves Russia out of the picture

01/17/2024 // Ramon Tomey // 770 Views

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has insinuated that he wants to end the Russia-Ukraine war in the form of a peace conference in Switzerland – but without Moscow.
Swiss President Viola Amherd revealed the development during a press conference, telling members of the media: "I confirmed that Switzerland is ready to organize the conference. We agreed that the details of the further approach will be looked into in depth in order to make this peace process a success."
"We are open to all countries that respect our sovereignty and territorial integrity at the peace summit," Zelensky said, adding that the "high-level peace conference" will strive to "fight for long-lasting and just peace in Ukraine."
"This summit should fill with the necessary energy everything that has already been achieved. [It] should determine that the end of the war should be exceptionally fair, and the restoration of the power of international law is really complete. Switzerland is our partner in this."
Amherd remarked that the summit will be convened as soon as the organizers see that they can hold a successful event, in response to a question about when it will be held.
"We want the meeting to take place on a large scale, so that as many countries as possible get involved, so that there is success," said Amherd. "It is about ensuring that the preparation is high-quality and serious and as soon as we see that we can organize a successful meeting - we will organize it."
Andriy Yermak, Zelensky's chief of staff, later posted photos of the meeting's opening. He mentioned that almost half of European Union member countries, 18 from Asia and 12 from Africa have expressed their desire to take part in the summit – something he described as a "good sign."
"Countries from the Global South are increasingly getting involved in our work," Yermak wrote on social media. "It shows understanding that this European conflict is, in fact, a challenge for all humanity."
Moscow not invited in the peace summit

Zelensky has presented a 10-point peace formula that includes accountability for war crimes and the expulsion of all Russian forces from Ukraine. According to Yermak, Russia "and other aggressors elsewhere in the world will be able to seize parts of other countries and start staging fake elections." While Yermak's remarks pertained to the referendum held in regions under Russian control, the citizens of these areas voted to join the Russian Federation.
"For all Ukrainians, the most important [thing] is to win the war," said the chief of staff to the Ukrainian president. He added that none of Kyiv's allies have ever asked Ukraine to make any compromise which – alongside a "frozen conflict" – is "not acceptable."
But Moscow has rejected some of the solutions proposed in Zelensky's peace plan. It is also interesting to note that any effort to end the war would require Moscow's participation – however, it isn't invited. (Related: Putin reportedly willing to end war with Ukraine, sit down for PEACE TALKS.)
According to Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, the purpose of the peace summit was to get ready for the moment when Russia might sit down at the table and join the discussion.
"For the moment, it's illusory to think that Russia would respond positively to an invitation – but that's not the goal," he explained. "For now, Russia is not ready to take any step or make any concession."
Meanwhile, Moscow dismissed the peace summit as biased. According to the Daily Express, Russian President Vladimir Putin isn't likely to have much appetite for peace talks. The talks also come ahead of elections in Russia, which he is projected to win.
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