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    Feedback on bank lists from boycott site

    Volunteers, please address these.



    On you list of banks, what do the US Flags and Mexican flags
    mean? Suntrust is on the top 12 that do not accept "the" card, yet
    further down they are on the list that says they do accept it. How about
    a list of banks that do NOT aid illegal behavior.

    JP, can we put a flag key near the top to help people understand ?


    Comments When I search the internet for info
    about the Texas banks that you list as not taking the Matricula consular
    card, I find most are affiliated with larger banks that do take the cards.
    I'm not sure it will help to change banks if the one selected is part of
    one that violates my principles.

    Good Point, we need to track affiliates and we need to start by identifying all banks owned by Bank of America.


    From Las Vegas

    Comments Need to know if the Union Bank is on
    our list and it's status.



    Comments I live in Indianapolis. I
    noticed that Old National Bancorp is listed in the Accepts and Does Not
    Accept Matricula Consular Card. There is only one digit in the telephone
    number that separates them. I would also like to know if USAA credit
    cards or Discover accepts Illegals. Thanks,

    We need correction and clarification here.


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    My wife and I live in Riverside, CA. We are presently banking at Wells Fargo, and apparently they are accepting the matricula Consular Card. I have checked all the banks on your list, and none are in Riverside, CA.

    We are retired, and abhor the idea that our country, and our banking institutes, embrace ILLEGALS. The vast majority of our income is direct deposited into our accounts at Wells Fargo. It is not our desire to move from that institution, but we do not agree with this particular policy. It is simply not OK.

    Can you recommend any other banking institution in Riverside, CA. ?

    I thank You in advance
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    My suggestions to people who do not see a listing in their area is to look through their yellow pages or online yellow pages and start going through banks and credit unions.

    Get a confirmation in writing via email that the bank does not accept the Matricula Consular Card.

    Post your findings here or use the contact form on ... ndex.shtml The Contact form is at the bottom of the Page.

    There is now a flag key on the list to help people better understand. We are constantly working to improve the list.
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    I live in Greensboro NC and bank with Suntrust...i emailed them about the matricula consular cards...this is the reply i received from them...i guess it is a YES they accept the cards and accept illegals as customers.

    here is their reply:

    Good Afternoon Mr and Mrs. XXXXXX

    My name is Sue.

    As part of the account opening process, it is the bank's legal responsibility to establish procedures enabling it to form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of each customer.
    Under guidance of the appropriate regulatory and legal authorities, the matricula is one of several forms of identification used to assist banks in this process. As part of our standard account opening procedures, the individual is also required to have an additional form of ID and the account is also subject to the same front-end and back-end screening processes as any other account.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address your question. If you need further assistance, please reply to this message.

    Thank you for banking with SunTrust and have a great day.

    Sue Chaffin
    Online Services Team

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