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    Act now or kiss it goodbye

    Action update and alert.

    Tennessee immigration-enforcement bills.


    Several immigration-enforcement bills, including state Rep. Joe Carr's three main bills, are scheduled to be heard Wednesday, March 23, in the subcommittee of the Tennessee House State and Local Government Committee.

    If you wish to attend this subcommittee meeting, where these bills may be advanced to the full committee or killed by any of a variety of legislative maneuvers: This subcommittee will meet at 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 23, in Room 30 of the Legislative Plaza.

    In addition to Carr's bills, the following bills are on the agenda:

    HB 1350 -- sponsored by Rep. Julia Hurley -- to authorize municipalities and counties to prohibit landlords from leasing real property to illegal aliens, and to require the attorney general to draft and defend such resolutions and ordinances.

    HB 0007 -- sponsored by Rep. Debra Maggart -- to require that voters show government-issued photo ID at the polls, with provisional voting allowed.

    The Democrats' mandatory E-Verify bills -- sponsored by Rep. Mike Turner -- an assortment of things in his bills. Turner's bills are unlikely to advance or to advance far under the Republican majority, but his bills contain some useful things that should be included in the discussion.

    I am pushing Carr's bills, Hurley's bill, and Maggart's bill above. We want these bills advanced and passed without weakening the original bills.

    Under pressure from the governor and his staff and from the business lobby, Rep. Carr's mandatory E-Verify bill, HB 1378, may be amended to suit the business lobby. Apparently some changes pertain to the tough penalties in his original bill.

    The penalties in his original bill are fine; they should not be changed.
    Employers have sufficient protections in his bill, and first-offense employer violators would even escape penalties by making simple changes to adhere to the law. On second and third offenses, the penalties get harsher, with mandatory suspension and eventual revocation of business licenses.

    Our task is keep them from adding amendments that weaken the bills.

    Because of Tennessee's budget problems, we have to reduce the fiscal note, or the bill won't survive.

    But we can't give away the store. Mandatory random compliance audits and tough penalties, with provisions for executing these, are what would give us an E-Verify bill with substance -- teeth. Naturally, those are the things the business lobby is trying to explode in the bills.

    So, if both good and bad things are in one amendment, we are put into a bit of a fix as to whether we can support or oppose it.

    I had hoped that having so many co-sponsors would ensure the passage of Carr's bills, but apparently that may not be enough.

    Please call and get others to call these committee members before Wednesday and tell them to vote yes without weakening Rep. Joe Carr's original immigration-enforcement bills, HB 1378, HB 1379, and HB 1380. And tell them to vote yes on HB 1350 and HB 0007.

    Try to speak with each legislator. If you can't talk with the lawmaker, leave your message with a staffer and say all the bill numbers.

    Call the numbers below, at least the first 9 in bold, but try to call all. You can also call toll-free by dialing 1-800-449-8366 and then entering the last 5 digits of the legislator's office phone number below.

    And you may call Rep. Joe Carr at 615-741-2180.

    The first 9 below are Todd (the House State and Local Government Committee chairman) and then the members of the subcommittee.

    Rep. Curry Todd -- 615-741-1866
    Rep. Bob Ramsey -- 615-741-3560
    Rep. Ryan Haynes -- 615-741-2264
    Rep. Tommie Brown -- 615-741-4374
    Rep. Jim Cobb -- 615-741-1450
    Rep. Gerald McCormick -- 615-741-2548
    Rep. Larry Miller -- 615-741-4453
    Rep. Mike Turner -- 615-741-3229
    Rep. Kent Williams -- 615-741-7450

    Rep. Vince Dean -- 615-741-1934
    Rep. Bill Dunn -- 615-741-1721
    Rep. Joshua Evans -- 615-741-2860
    Rep. Jim Gotto -- 615-741-6959
    Rep. Antonio Parkinson -- 615-741-4575
    Rep. Mary Pruitt -- 615-741-3853
    Rep. Harry Tindell -- 615-741-2031
    Rep. Eric Watson -- 615-741-7799

    Thank you.


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    Welcome to Alipac Donna.

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    Welcome Donna =)
    As Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the first virtue of a dying civilization.â€

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    Good to have you as a member of Alipac, welcome Donna!

    HB 1350 -- sponsored by Rep. Julia Hurley -- to authorize municipalities and counties to prohibit landlords from leasing real property to illegal aliens, and to require the attorney general to draft and defend such resolutions and ordinances.
    When a landlord rents property to an illegal immigrant he or she should be charged with harboring and aiding a criminal, because they should verify through ICE or Police Department if person is legal to reside in the U.S. before renting or selling property to undocumented aliens.

    Nice Bill Rep. Julia Hurley.

    Every State should adopt and enforce the property ordinances.
    When you aid and support criminals, you live a criminal life style yourself:

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    Maybe you should move or copy my post above

    to the Tennessee area.

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    Updated change to my action alert above

    I must update the post above and tell you that Rep. Joe Carr's bills will be rolled to March 30. The other bills mentioned may be rolled as well -- not sure yet.

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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!
    "These are a few of my favorite links!" "Welcome to Alipac!"

    The cost of illegal aliens to the state of Tennessee is $547 million dollars a year! ... ystate.jpg

    Tennessee proves to the Nation that 287g does work almost to well! ... tWD4#at=40



    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    TEXAS - The Lone Star State
    you can always track the process of TENNESSEE Bills here:

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