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    Just left a message with Mr. Jenkins, and asked him to call me this week. I encouraged him to follow-through with the ordinance, because change BEGINS at the grassroots level. It almost always does.


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    As I said before, I emailed the Town Council of Culpeper, but here is a letter that I just wrote today, which I'm sending to the Town and County Councils. I wrote a separate letter to Steve Jenkins, encouraging him to be a leader at the grassroots level and enact the local ordinances, and not rely too heavily on the Federal Government.

    Here's my letter, to go out Monday Morning: ----------------------------------

    I am a resident of Alexandria, Virginia, and I wanted to take this opportunity to ENCOURAGE you to enact legislation at the GRASSROOTS level to protect your community from the scourge of illegal immigration.

    Change must begin at the GRASSROOTS level, and you have an historic opportunity to create change. While assistance from the Federal Government is helpful, you cannot rely on them to fight your battles. Northern Virginia has been experiencing a flood of illegals over the past ten years, and it is ridiculous. I fear that communities such as Alexandria and Arlington are almost lost, but there is still an opportunity to help Culpeper. Where was the Federal Government as the illegals flooded into places such as Alexandria, Arlington, Manassas, and Fairfax? The Federal Government was on the sidelines, doing absolutely nothing.

    Now is the time to follow Farmer's Branch, Texas and Hazelton, Pennsylvania. While legal challenges to local ordinances can be quite trying, it is not a reason to surrender, and succumb to the familiar mantra, "Illegal Immigration is a Federal Problem." You have an historic opportunity to protect your community from illegal immigration by enacting legislation against unscrupulous landlords and employers. Your police force should also undertake the Section 287g Immigration Training, in conjunction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Immigration is THE ISSUE of the latter-half of this decade. As people like me and others finally awaken from our slumber, we will hold elected officials accountable for their lack of action against illegal immigrants. Why should people who should not even be inside of the United States in the first place continue to commit crimes, use our hospitals and welfare system, and steal our jobs, and continue to get away with it? As elected officials, you have sworn oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and it is your duty to protect your community. To protect people who are U.S. citizens and legal residents.

    Please listen to my strong words, and take them to heart. Be a leader and enact local legislation against illegal immigration. Do not let it become a "Federal Only" issue. If you do, then within ten to twenty years, Culpeper will become another Arlington or Alexandria. Do your people want that? My gut feeling is that 80% or more of your citizens probably do not.

    Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist your community in its fight against illegal immigration.

    Thank You.

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    I'm glad you added the part about the 287(g) program.
    You might consider sending them a copy of one of these articles. ... hlight=287

    Also, the last post in this thread is a copy of the law. ... hlight=287

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    Re-sent emails to everyone on the above list.

    Used Dixies letter.

    Will post any reply.
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    Just a reminder there is a meeting scheduled tonight at 7 PM. See the following article. ... c&p=214754
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    Sent letters out to all. Keep you posted.
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    While this is two of many arrests in Culpeper, VA (there were also dozens of R,W, & B morons caught by the local "Federales"). 8 counts of forging public records...Birds of a feather.

    Sept. 1
    - Oscar Montiel-Paredes, 29; 400 James Madison Hwy., Culpeper; DUI, revocation of suspended sentence, forging public records (eight counts), obstructing justice
    - Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 24; 400 James Madison Hwy., Culpeper; drunk in public, profane language

    Link: ... 9190522838

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    What now?

    Allison Brophy Champion
    Staff Writer
    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    The federal government doesn’t want to tackle the complex issues surrounding illegal immigration and neither does Culpeper Town Council, with exception of Councilman Steve Jenkins, that is.

    At its meeting last night, council took no action on the proposal to send a letter to U.S. Congress, requesting immigration reform. In addition, council shied away from supporting the creation of a code enforcement position to monitor, among other things, overcrowding in single-family homes - an action some groups feel would unfairly target the Hispanic population.

    Town Council also got a final report that its current ordinance regarding how many people can live together in one home is adequate and does not need to be amended. The ordinance allows all related people and up to five unrelated people to live together in one household.

    At times, Tuesday night’s meeting was strained as Jenkins, who initiated discussion during the past few months on the immigration-related issues, called for action, but was not supported by his colleagues. His motion to support the Congressional letter died for lack of a second, as did his motion to create the code enforcement position, an issue that was ultimately referred back to the committee level.

    There was also a bit of tension within the audience when at least one resident asked to be heard on the matter of the Congressional letter, but was told by the mayor that the matter was settled.

    “Now I know why our government doesn’t work,” said one female audience member loudly, receiving applause.

    The public can comment on any topic not on the agenda at the beginning of each council meeting. For topics that are on the agenda - like the immigration letter - they are asked to wait to speak on it until the agenda item comes up.

    Culpeper resident Julie Zyvoloski, 33, had her say at the start of the meeting on how she views the growth and diversity in the Culpeper community.

    “The idea that the government has the audacity to try and define family is frightening,” she said.

    The reason large numbers of people are forced to live together is because of insufficient employment opportunities to sustain the household, said Zyvoloski. She felt the town’s time and energy would be better focused on creating more affordable housing.

    “I am appalled at the ignorant attitude of some council members and their so-called followers,” Zyvoloski said. “Not every Hispanic in this town is illegal just like not all white people are rednecks.”

    The letter
    Though endorsed in August by the town county/interaction committee, the proposal to send an immigration-related letter to Culpeper’s congressmen died at Tuesday night’s meeting.

    The letter, drafted by the town manager and town attorney and signed by the mayor, urged Congress to reform the immigration system and set up a system in which employers could verify the immigration status of their workers.

    “I think it’s a very fair letter that accurately states the pro-active approach of this town toward illegal immigration,” Jenkins said, making a motion that the letter be approved.

    His motion died, however, for lack of support at which time council engaged in a lengthy discussion about the role of the interaction committee and if the county supports the letter.

    “I think we’re sort of wasting a lot of time talking about this when we don’t know how the board of supervisors feels about it,” said Councilman Duke duFrane.

    Mayor Pranas Rimeikis said the interaction committee “was not designed” to take on such issues and that the letter idea should have originated at the Town Council and/or Board of Supervisors level.

    Either way, said Town Councilman Jim Risner, he would not support it.

    “I encourage local citizens to write President Bush or their congressman, but I don’t think this is something the town should be writing to Congress about,” he said. “I don’t see the value of it - this is a federal issue.”

    Risner, who works for the Department of the Army, felt local government should focus on local issues.

    Jenkins was baffled by the lack of support for the letter.
    “I don’t understand why there is such a resistance,” he said. “Maybe it’s best to hold a public hearing for the citizens to be able to say how they feel about the issue of undocumented immigrants.”

    Jenkins has asked that his proposal for such a public hearing be placed on the agenda of next month’s council meeting.

    The code enforcer
    Likewise, council took no action on the proposal - supported just weeks ago by its planning committee - to create a zoning code enforcement position.

    “The committee did not have a problem with the intent,” said Rimeikis, who serves on the finance committee, which voted against the new position, “but that the cost is not in the adopted budget for this year.”

    And based on the 20 or so complaints received about overcrowding since the first of the year, the new position isn’t really warranted, he said.

    According to Zoning Administrator Maxie Brown, the town has received up to 275 complaints this year regarding residential zoning infractions, including 22 for “too many people living together in one house.” The majority of the complaints received have always been tall grass and weeds and junk vehicles, she said last week.

    “I’m fine with sending it back to the committee level,” said Town Councilman Chris Snider, suggesting that perhaps police, on their daily rounds, could monitor zoning infractions and report back to the planning office.

    Town Council also had questions about the fine structure for residential zoning infractions. The planning committee will reconsider the issue at its next meeting October 24 at 4:30 p.m. in town hall.

    Snider invited Jenkins, who serves on another committee, to attend the meeting and participate in discussion.

    What’s next?
    Despite council’s apparent hesitance to support his initiatives, Jenkins said after the meeting that he has other plans in mind.

    Besides asking that a public hearing be held on the issue of illegal immigration, Jenkins will ask council at next month’s meeting to consider forming a task force to study the impacts on the system of undocumented immigrants. He proposed that representatives from the court system, schools and hospitals serve on the task force.

    Jenkins asked all those who attended his Town Hall meeting on the subject in September to make their voices known at the November 14 meeting.

    “I was extremely disappointed,” he said of council’s decision to not act on his ideas, “and I feel very strongly that we have an obligation to address the concerns of our constituents.”
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    Culpeper residents discuss immigration
    Councilman's proposal to create task force to study its effect goes to committee
    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    CULPEPER - About a dozen area residents last night spoke for and against a Culpeper Town Council member's proposals to crack down on illegal immigration.

    They were among about 80 people who attended last night's council meeting. Councilman Steve Jenkins had invited residents to speak on behalf of his proposal to create a task force to study the effects of illegal immigration.

    Town resident Jerry Beckett said he believes the town should force companies that hire day laborers to register with the town, and he says Culpeper should make English its official language.

    "This is America, the last time I checked," Beckett said. He urged council members to take a stand against illegal immigration.

    "You took an oath," he said. "Get up and stand up. If you can't stand up, get out of the way and let someone else do something."

    Several people in the crowd applauded.

    On the opposite side, Martina Torelli, a Mexican-born U.S. citizen married to a Fauquier County sheriff's deputy, expressed her disgust and disappointment with Jenkins' proposals and his supporters.

    "What I see here is a sea of white faces and a lack of understanding," she said. "We are all God's children."

    Jenkins, who was elected in July, wants the task force - made up of representatives from social services, the hospital and schools - to examine how illegal immigrants are affecting the community.

    Last night, council voted to refer the task-force proposal to a committee. The council voted against another measure that Jenkins had pushed at last month's meeting to create a code-enforcement position to monitor overcrowding in single-family homes. Council members decided to use existing staff to enforce the code that allows relatives and up to five unrelated people to live in single-family house- holds.

    Mayor Pranas A. Rimeikis said last month that there isn't enough money in the current budget for a code-enforcement position and that it is unwarranted given the small number of complaints about crowding.

    Another initiative that Jenkins backed would have sent a letter to congressional representatives asking for immigration reform. That also stalled for lack of council support.

    The letter was to be sent to Virginia Republican Sens. John W. Warner and George Allen and to Rep. Eric I. Cantor, R-7th. The letter, drafted by the town manager and town attorney and signed by Culpeper's mayor, urged Congress to reform the immigration system and set up a system in which employers could verify the immigration status of their workers.

    Council member James Risner encouraged residents to write letters on their own and said that immigration is a federal issue.

    Jenkins also has said he was considering pushing to officially designate English as the town's primary language.

    He held a meeting on immigration in September that drew more than 200 people, some of whom exchanged angry words. At the same time, about 100 people sympathetic to illegal immigrants marched several blocks away in downtown Culpeper. They also sent a letter to Town Council urging it to reject measures targeting illegal immigrants.

    Local Hispanics and others have taken offense at Jenkins' efforts, saying illegal immigrants pay sales and gas taxes and also contribute to Social Security for benefits they are unlikely to collect.

    The county's Hispanic population has more than doubled since 2000, reaching about 2,345 of the county's 42,530 residents, or 5.5 percent.
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    Culpeper Council Not Getting Involved In Illegal Immigration Battle

    POSTED: 2:10 pm EST November 15, 2006
    UPDATED: 2:11 pm EST November 15, 2006

    CULPEPER, Va. -- For the third month in a row, the Culpeper Town Council has decided not to get involved in the battle over illegal immigration.

    The council declined to create a task force that would look into penalizing businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The mayor said school and court officials already handle the problem.

    Culpeper County's Hispanic population has more than doubled since 2000, reaching about 2,400 residents, which is 5.5 percent of the county's population.

    The task force is not dead yet. The council will take up the issue at a later date.
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