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    Florida Senate Passes Watered Down Immigration Bill ... 30724/HTML

    The Florida State Senate passed the above referenced legislation SB2040 today by a vote of 23-16.

    It remains to be seen if the House will take up the measure which is much weaker on enforcement than the legislation currently supported in that body. Although I think it is unlikely a call for a Special Session to address the matter could take place if it is not taken up before the end of this Legislative Session on Friday.

    Unfortunately, SB 2040 did not include mandatory e-verify for private employers because that was contained in amendment that got defeated by Republicans. Despite its faults SB 2040 does represent the first significant effort in the legislature to pass any legislation whatsoever that addresses illegal immigration. Before yesterday I do not even recall a floor vote on an illegal immigration related bill. Actually, it has traditionally been a losing battle to even have related bills heard in committee.

    So, while this is not the success activists have sought it does represent a tangible step in the right direction. Also, we now have legislators on record and exposed them as supporters of various special interest ethnic and business groups at the expense of law abiding citizens.

    Note that shortly after Governor Scott took office he extended the use of E-verify throughout State Government by use of executive order.

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    Who wrote the commentary? The only link is to the legislation.

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