Please contact the OH, Speaker of the House and Judiciary Chairwoman and ask them to support a vote on HB 184.

Dear, Armond Budish - Speaker of the House,
(614) 466-5441

Sandra S. Hardwood - Judiciary Chairwoman,
(614) 466-3488

Talking Points :

Please ensure that HB 184 -- Rep. Combs’ mandatory E-Verify bill – gets a fair up-or-down vote in the Judiciary Committee. It took over 20 years to create today's illegal immigration crisis, and it may take another ten to substantially reduce our current illegal population, but enacting HB 184 this session will start Ohio down that road. This will protect legal workers from unfair foreign labor competition, free up illegal-alien jobs for unemployed Americans, reduce illegal-alien crime, and lessen the burden on taxpayers during this recession. Your constituents are counting on you -- please don't let us down!

LINK to Bill ~ ... 128_HB_184

Looking for your support,
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Email me at ALIPAC or, if you live in Ohio and want to work for the passage of this bill.