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    Port Neches, Texas -- I need HELP!!!

    I have ahd discussion with the mayor of my town. We are situated between Beaumont and Port Arthur. The metro area is a haven of illegal immigrants, and I have been strongly encouraged by what I have been following through ALIPAC. It is with the faith that someone here will help guide me through the steps to get Port Neches to make a statement. After our last discussion, the mayor told me that he would have "legal" research this issue. I need some help on what to do next and how to drum-up support.

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    Welcome hookem!

    A good place to start is contacting your neighbors, putting up fliers and contacting the mayor and city council members.

    Find out when the next government meeting will be and have concerned citizens show up IN PERSON to voice their concerns. Here, most meetings are open and allow citizens to speak for 3 minutes each about anything.

    Fliers are here: ... age&pid=24

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    Welcome to Alipac!
    We will help you. However, you do need some help from some locals. It's good that you have made contact with your mayor.

    I think 2nd is going to PM you. Hang in there!

    Think about this, every one of these campaigns started with one person.

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    Hello Hookem,

    We have three different groups inside of twenty five mile of each other in three towns and membership in all the groups is growing as the word spreads. We all support each others events. The media is your best friend. Letters to the editor of the local news papers is a good start. TV news is harder to get support from but not impossible. All the groups in this area work the media the best we can and monitor the news paper forums and use them to pass information on events. Remember the news papers monitor their forums and can see some of what's going on in the community Letters to the city leaders is another. Persistence is the key and the more people that write the better. These groups started with one brave person. Here's a small victory that comes from persistance. ... local_news
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