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    OR:Student activists will pressure for 'work session' vote

    Proponents of in-state tuition for illegal alien students in Oregon have announced that they will flood the office of Rep. Andy Olson (R-Albany) with communications pressuring him to agree to a Work Session to advance SB 742, Tuition Equity. With an equal Dem-Rep split in the Oregon legislature all committees have leadership responsibility shared by members of both parties. Rules Committee Co-chairmen Democrat Dave Hunt is pushing hard for a vote out of committee ---which would require that Co-Chair Republican Andy Olson agree to the work session, for a vote. At yesterday's public hearing no vote was taken.

    Here are some of the arguments advanced by proponents in support of this tuition-for-illegals bill:

    These kids did not enter the United States illegally; they were brought to this country by their parents as infants and toddlers. Yet they do not have a path to citizenship other than that which must be followed by an illegal immigrant. At some point, when the federal government gets around to fixing the mess that is immigration, such residents will require a path that does not force them to leave the country. For these kids, the United States is their home, the only one they’ve known. And as Rep Michael Dembrow pointed out in his testimony, Oregon needs to be in the same position as Texas, Utah, Arizona, California and the other states with Tuition Equity laws: ready to integrate these children into society fully. To do so, we need to ensure they are educated and capable of joining the workforce, not as low-skilled laborers but as highly trained, highly motivated, creative contributors to our society and community.

    This is not a complicated bill. For progressives, it’s a gimmee. It’s a just bill, as Sen Larry George noted in several hearings, and it’s a smart bill. Sen Frank Morse opposed Tuition Equity several years ago; this year, he is a sponsor and chief spokesperson for this bill. Why? Because it’s fair to these kids and it helps Oregon become a better state.

    Please contact the office of Rep. Andy Olson and urge him to not agree to a work session on this bill, SB 742. In yesterday's committee hearing, called by Rep. Hunt, a great deal of testimony was advanced by people who are not Oregon constituents. These non-constituents, and sympathizers, will be turning up the heat on Co-Chair Andy Olson to agree to a work session and a vote.
    Rep. Olson is a former Oregon State Trooper.
    Representative Andy Olson
    Party: R District: 15
    Capitol Phone: 503-986-1415
    District Phone: 541-967-6576
    Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-478, Salem, OR, 97301
    District Office Address: PO Box 891, Albany, OR, 97321
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    Dear Representative Olson,

    I am an Oregon constituent who was, unfortunately, unable to attend Wednesday's hearing on SB 742. It is troubling to me that quite a large number of people who are not legal Oregon constituents show up to testify in favor of a bill that expressly benefits them. This is a challenge to the sovereign right of Oregonians to make their own decisions. In federal law there is a process by which foreign interests can make their concerns known to our lawmakers, and this process has been frequently violated at the federal level as well.

    My understanding is that these non-constituents are being mobilized to flood your office with pleas to advance SB 742 into a work session. Please say NO to this effort!

    Oregon certainly needs talent for its industries. There have always been, and always will be many Americans who choose to come west, and to Oregon, for a better life, so I believe we will have the talent we need from US citizens and from legal immigrants. This is especially true at such times as this when unemployment is high and the Democratic party leaders have engaged in wasteful political favoritism that, sadly, ignores real job creation.

    Many undocumented children of illegal aliens have returned to their home countries where the skills they have acquired via US education serves them very well. In fact, if they are employed in the tourism industry where there are American customers, with generous gratuities they may fare better than many US citizens who experience hardships. We are living in a globalizing world and such youth have acquired some very valuable knowledge. If they wish to return to the US there will be a legal process which they can avail themselves of. Therefore, I do not see a great hardship for them.

    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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    Ron, I support this and wrote the text below but where did the text above come from?

    The students involved are now adults who are responsible for their own actions. That they were brought here as children is only useful as an excuse when they were still children. Their parents came here to a new country often unable to speak the English language. The students who are the same age as the average illegal aliens entering for the first time are not less capable than their parents. They should go back to where they are legal they will be at an advantage over their neighbors who due to poverty or morals did not violate our laws. That advantage having a US high school education was provided at our expense against our will. That they are having problems by staying here is not our fault.

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    I was not able to go to Salem either and I did have a petition for people to sign online, but those Nazis at deleted it.[/url]

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