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    not saving them all, too large a task...

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    From the Declines section...

    Stuart Els

    This is a waste of time. or someone has sent an army of useful idiots to squelch sanity. Not going to waste my time

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    • Grog Wis Aw

      Stu is stewing over facts being presented to his paranoid pity party.
      Saturday at 7:13pm · Like · 3

    • Iris Twunt You notice it's always a conspiracy to them. "Someone is out to get us!" Always.
      Saturday at 7:20pm · Like · 2

    • Grog Wis No chance we could be ordinary Americans that support the constitution and democracy. Nope, no chance at all.
      Saturday at 7:23pm · Like · 3

    • Stuart Els No chance @ all Grog. I'm not stewing over ANY of your propaganda.
      And I don't think it's by chance that there seem to be more Obama trolls on here, than actual people who want to protest him.
      I don't know who sent you. Don't care. I don't care to read your tripe.
      I'll give who ever is behind it credit for having a great plan of attack. You've been overwhelming with your insanity and disinformation.
      Saturday at 7:33pm · Like

    • Iris Twunt Nobody sent us
      Saturday at 7:37pm · Like

    • Iris Twunt We are here to combat the paranoia that is running rampant in your heads.
      Saturday at 7:38pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els who sent you?
      Saturday at 7:38pm · Like

    • Paula Masaitis Atkins Impeach Obama Petition
      Saturday at 7:40pm · Like

    • Stuart Els Hows this for paranoia?
      "You are now aware that there are 3.5K "Obama warriors" being paid minimum wage to sit on their ass and spread progressive propaganda on social media sites, forums, all sorts of different websites. You are now aware that a wide spectrum of corporate, political and governmental interests regularly do this. Isn't that neat?"

      This comment was just posted on my wall by a FB friend
      Saturday at 7:41pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen The mothership sent us, Stuart. Relax it will be OK, we are here to lead you to a better world.
      Saturday at 7:43pm · Like · 3

    • Jim Heinzen Walk towards the Light, Stuart.
      Saturday at 7:43pm · Like · 3

    • Stuart Els Free vaccines and microchips in the light?
      Saturday at 7:44pm · Like

    • Lori Juspeczyk and nanobots
      Saturday at 7:45pm · Edited · Like · 2

    • Jim Heinzen Nannybots, Lori, to lead us into the Promised Land of the Nanny State.
      Saturday at 7:46pm · Like

    • Stuart Els Yall go on without me. I want to stay here in the land of the free and and the home of the brave. The mothership is a FEMA camp
      Saturday at 7:47pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen Obama will give you a phone, Stuart, if you accept the shots and the microchip. I just called my mom on mine.
      Saturday at 7:47pm · Like · 3

    • Jim Heinzen With warm running water and towels, Stuart. It is peaceful here, nobody argues
      Saturday at 7:48pm · Like · 3

    • Stuart Els Free lobotomies too?
      Saturday at 7:49pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen No need, Stuart. The smooth words of our Leader Barack are enough.
      Saturday at 7:50pm · Like · 3

    • Iris Twunt Don't forget mandatory gay marriage.
      Saturday at 7:51pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els I gotta give der fuhrer credit... he's hypnotic
      Saturday at 7:52pm · Like

    • Stuart Els See... Iris.... I was almost on board until you threatened to ram something up my butt
      Saturday at 7:52pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen Stuart, Hitler left 50 million victims, Respect their memory and leave Adolph and Stalin out of the discussion.
      Saturday at 7:53pm · Like · 4

    • Iris Twunt You'll like it. I can tell.
      Saturday at 7:55pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els Sorry Jim, the parallels are too similar. He was popularly elected like Obama to resurrect a demoralized state. Things only got worse.
      Saturday at 7:56pm · Like

    • Stuart Els What does it feel like Iris?
      Saturday at 7:56pm · Like

    • Wendy J Pope It feels like a whole bunch of conspiracy theories that are actually true!!!!!
      Saturday at 7:57pm · Like · 1

    • Wendy J Pope It feels like being the only one who really knows the truth, but no on wiil listen, because they've all been hypnotized
      Saturday at 7:58pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen Stuart you should show more respect for the victims of WW2 and the Holocaust. Their survivors live among us and would be insulted by the comparison.
      Saturday at 7:59pm · Like · 4

    • Iris Twunt You get used to it. At least the last 4 men I sent to FEEMA camp said they did. I'm sure you'll be fine.
      Saturday at 8:00pm · Edited · Like · 3

    • Wendy J Pope It feels like the men in white coats are coming...

      Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away' - YouTube
      Saturday at 8:00pm · Like · 1

    • Lori Juspeczyk Lots of yummy kale in those camps too
      Saturday at 8:01pm · Like · 3

    • Wendy J Pope NOOOOOO!!!! Not the FEMA CAMP!!!!!!!
      Saturday at 8:01pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen Kale and all of the broccoli family is good for you, Lori J.
      Saturday at 8:02pm · Like · 1

    • Guff Bob Gheen formally accused me of being a paid Obama warrior and to that I say, "where's my check?"
      Saturday at 8:02pm · Like · 3

      Saturday at 8:03pm · Like · 1

    • Guff Bob FEMA CAMPS!!!! 102,000 boxcars with shackles and guillotines. Run ****ers, run!
      Saturday at 8:03pm · Like · 2

    • Guff Bob Me no lie. These idiots believe it. FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! - Project Nsearch
      Saturday at 8:05pm · Like

    • Stuart Els You guys are masters of disinformation.
      Saturday at 8:06pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els And I didn't insult WW2 holocaust survivors. You invented that Jim. Don't try to credit me with something I neither said or implied.
      Saturday at 8:08pm · Like

    • Wendy J Pope I LOVE KALE!!!!

      IT'S SOO GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

      Kale Smoothie Recipe With Strawberries: Fresh & Energizing!
      Saturday at 8:09pm · Like · 2

    • Wendy J Pope
      Saturday at 8:09pm · Like

    • Stuart Els Good work Guff. You expose the goofiest of conspiracy theories, to descredit others. Did you make that video yourself and attribute it to someone? (poison the well)
      Saturday at 8:10pm · Edited · Like

    • Jim Heinzen We are wizards, Stuart. Do not be beguiled by our "facts" from so called "books".
      Saturday at 8:11pm · Edited · Like · 3

    • Stuart Els Books tell truth or lies, or misinformation, or both. Depends on who wrote it. Just like the Internet.
      Saturday at 8:12pm · Like · 1

    • Grog Wis I just had a huge Kale salad. It was delicious. Soon we will have everyone eating kale. Michelle Obama will be the head of the kale part. This whole gun thing is very successful at distracting their attention from the real conspiracy, the "Kale Sanction".
      Saturday at 8:12pm · Like · 4

    • Stuart Els I thought you ate soylent green
      Saturday at 8:15pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen Stuart excuse the pack of clowns I showed up with, everybody is s comedian. Do you seriously consider us to be sheep to some FEMA slaughterhouse?. We are smart and proud to be free. Obama will go away in 4 years, relax, buddy. The world and the USA will go on.
      Saturday at 8:17pm · Edited · Like · 2

    • Jim Heinzen Nobody sent us, but I know a lot of these jokers.
      Saturday at 8:18pm · Like

    • Stuart Els I don't consider Obama to be a friend of the Constitution. I don't trust him. I don't like him. I'm skeptical of his past. I think our government has been a sham for a long time. Democrats and Republicans both. I don't go so much for the FEMA conspiracies, but the Federal Reserve conspiracy is very real to me.
      Saturday at 8:18pm · Like

    • Stuart Els the world is run by bankers, and Obama is clearly their puppet. As was Bush and all the other presidents who've made our debt unpayable
      Saturday at 8:20pm · Like

    • Guff Bob Funny thing is, I traced this back to a conservative shock-jock in Jersey hired by the FBI to incite anger and bring out the crazies so the feds could arrest them before they acted out.
      Saturday at 8:22pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els I'm trying to remember that guy's name. Was it the guy who was always on Sean Hannity who turned out to be a CIA plant?
      Saturday at 8:24pm · Like

    • Stuart Els Hal Turner. The guy will advance a few undeniable conspiracies, but poison the well with bullshit, to discredit the crazies
      Saturday at 8:26pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen Stuart we hate bankers, too. Some common ground here.
      Saturday at 8:26pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen Don't crazies just discredit themselves?
      Saturday at 8:27pm · Like

    • Stuart Els Maybe Jim. I'm a Constitutionalist. I want what was promised to me, and not compromise it.
      Saturday at 8:27pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen If this was tyranny, Stuart,like Iran, we would not be having this talk.
      Saturday at 8:27pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els For the most part Jim, but unfortunately, truth has become stranger than fiction
      Saturday at 8:27pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen I love the Constitution, Stuart, and am about the least manipulated guy you could meet.
      Saturday at 8:28pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els our rights are being dissolved. We still have freedom. But I sorta feel like Wyle Coyote holding the exploded bomb he intended for the Roadrunner. We are only intact long enough to say "oops"
      Saturday at 8:29pm · Like · 2

    • Guff Bob My original reply to the link --
      Karen A. Bosley Ackerman and all others here, I have done a bit of research on the “FEMA ordered 102,000 boxcars with shackles and guillotines” and not only can I prove this to be false, but will also make you feel pret...See More
      Saturday at 8:29pm · Like · 2

    • Jim Heinzen I agree that our rights are under siege, from fear. We need to defend them at all times.
      Saturday at 8:30pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen I like Obama because he is skinny, tough guy with bad ears from Chicago. We could be brothers.
      Saturday at 8:31pm · Like · 1

    • Jim Heinzen Our democracy is intact and we are still the envy of the world.
      Saturday at 8:32pm · Like

    • Stuart Els I dislike Obamacare. I dislike Socialism. I dislike expanding government. I like free markets. I like my rights not be infringed upon just because of the actions of occasional crazies
      Saturday at 8:32pm · Like · 1

    • Stuart Els And we are not a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. Yes, we hold Democratic elections to select our leadership. But we don't rule by referendum. Our leaders are supposed to represent us, and be qualified to do what a mob cannot. The word...See More
      Saturday at 8:37pm · Like

    • Paula Masaitis Atkins Jim you are wrong about how the world views us.
      Saturday at 8:39pm · Like

    • Jim Heinzen How so, Paula?
      Saturday at 8:41pm · Like

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    threats in the declines...

    Salvador Saucedo

    WATCH: That Awkward Moment When Anti-Immigration Protesters Realize They're Immigrants Too

    WATCH: That Awkward Moment When Anti-Immigration Protesters Realize They're Immigrants Too
    www.upworthy.comWell, that shut them up.

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    • Ronnie Ron Ross YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      February 10 at 10:33am · Like · 1

    • William Gheen I hope Americans wise up and enforce our existing border and immigration laws soon before our children and grand kids end up like this pathetic drunk indian in this video that lost his lands and nation.
      February 10 at 2:16pm · Like · 1

    • Amy Jo Matlock LEGAL immigrants! Anti-immigration is NOT what it's's anti-ILLEGAL immigration. Legal immigrants went through ALL of the proper channels and studied to get their citizenship. ILLEGAL immigrants expect us to GIVE them everything on a gold platter. We say "go through the proper channels like the rest of our ancestors did!"
      February 10 at 10:46pm · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo William Ghwiener go back to where ur ancestors came from stupid, man r u really that stupid, stupid he is say what is true stupid, u r all illegals here stupid, ur ancestors killed them and stole their land stupid, man I can't believe how stupid one can be; this is so stupid to be this stupid!
      February 10 at 11:12pm · Like · 5

    • William Gheen Salvador, I am not the stupid one here. Allow me to translate so you can understand. You be da stupeed un here ur ancestors lived in mud huts when we arrived. If not be for me and our ancestors with big boom sticks, you wud not have dat fancy puter to type on. u sure be still livin in da mud hut with a 25 year life span.
      February 10 at 11:22pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo That's what I thought a stupid gun lover, always relying on ur guns to handle all ur situations; pinche gringo me pelas la verga! come here and say it to my face ass wipe, oh that's right got have a big boom stick with u, chicken, yellow livered scum!
      February 10 at 11:27pm · Like · 4

    • William Gheen Salvadore, you should be happy we came here and brought you all these technologies, and medicines, and good music. You would not want to have to give back all the computers, antibiotics, and clothes not made from animal skins we have made for you now would you Salvadore? Yes, our ancestors boom sticks did trump the sticks with sharp rocks on them your forebears had. And if we had not taken these lands, the Spanish might have and you would much prefer to be ruled by the English than the Spaniards right? I mean, your ancestors were going to be conquered by someone in due time considering how far behind the rest of the world you were. Look at it this way, you got lucky it was us. We treated your ancestors a lot better than many others would have considering how savage your ancestors were, and how many of them owned slaves, worshiped goat guts, and engaged in human sacrifice. You are lucky we came here and fixed the place up!
      February 11 at 12:21am · Edited · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo coming from white crap like u its a disgrace; to begin with u have me confused with the Native American, so the illiterate is you u stupid white trash. Can't even tell the difference between nationalities; what a moron. and further more everything that u just spoke of did not come from white trash like u they came from other immigrants, u ignorant ****. U know what I feel so sorry for ignorant stupid idiots like u, the only thing idiots like u know how to do is steal and steal from each other. Another thing u poor bastards are so afraid that this country is no longer going to be all white predominately; seeing how its become a diverse country, and we immigrants are much more better than people like u, some us can speak two languages, and they came from our heritage. Others can speak many different languages and are the ones who have better jobs than idiots like u. so the lucky one is u as of now, until we all decide to get rid of crap like u!
      February 11 at 1:39am · Like · 4

    • Salvador Saucedo Oh by the way I am Spanish pendejo!
      February 11 at 1:40am · Like · 1

    • Ronnie Ron Ross William. You ****. You have no right to this land. Your ancestors murdered and raped their way into this country displacing people -- exactly what you ****ing idiots claim is being done to you yet you're safe and sound in your stupid little white trash neighborhood with the power on and running water. Go ask a real American Indian their take on how they lost their land.. It was genocide. **** you, you dog-dick piece of ****ing shit. This is how you gain respect? This is your movement? You will fail, as you have always done. You are no different than the Rove/FOX/Alex Jones trash you follow.
      February 11 at 1:50am · Like · 6

    • Salvador Saucedo Ronnie Ron Ross, u r the man! thank u sir for telling it straight and forward bro u r now my friend!
      February 11 at 1:53am · Like · 1

    • Yvette MakingitHappen Holloway I have to agree with Salvador Saucedo - William is off the charts stupid! SO u r saying that technology would not have happened had the white man not stole the land from the Indians and brought my ancestors from Africa to provide 300 years of free labor and mud huts would still exist.? Take a few history classes person because you have had your head in the sand for way too long! It is hilarious that you thought Salvador was Indian or maybe u didn't and really just confused about it all!!
      February 11 at 2:31am · Like · 4

    • Salvador Saucedo Thank u Yvette u r just to awesome and a lot more intelligent than that dude William!
      February 11 at 2:42am · Like · 1

    • Grog Wis William is a poster boy for people that shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Ignorant, afraid of people that don't look like him, full of hate and quick to anger.

      Exactly the same kind of asshole that killed so many at the Sikh temple in my city.

      Sikh temple gunman was ex-soldier linked to racist group | Reuters
      February 11 at 4:41am · Like · 5

    • Salvador Saucedo Hey Grog, u know I truly believe u r absolutely correct about that, now that he is being bombarded he seems to disappear! what a laugh, and a disgrace for a human being!
      February 11 at 8:37am · Like · 2

    • Sandy Myers It is only the descendannts of the Mexican indians that are bitching about stolen land. The Mexican indian tribes did not settle within our borders. The descendants of the tribes that were indigenous to this country are all full fledged U.S. ctiizens. By the way, bitching about the white man, lol? The Spanish were white Europeans also and they conquered the Mexican indians and are a part of their own ancestry. If these Mexican indians hate white people so much then they are hating their own blood! Funny, how most of them speak Spanish also. You know the white man's language, lol!
      February 11 at 9:46am · Edited · Like

    • William Gheen Dear racist illegal alien supporters. You are the descendants of mostly nomadic peoples that have consistently been the least advanced peoples on the Earth with the exception of some African tribes. Many of you are the products of conquest which included the rape of your ancestors by the Spanish colonizers that taught you their slave and slaver language of Spanish. Thank you for putting both your hatred of white Americans and your genocidal desires on display for us to utilize as a warning for all Americans that oppose racism, illegal immigration, amnesty, and genocidal brown Nazis like you. Yes, most of us own guns and our ancestors established the United States of America. The land is ours and no you cannot have it back. Your proposals that the land somehow belongs to you because a percentage of your DNA descends from the nomadic tribes that wandered these lands a thousand years ago is a form of Treason. You have no land claim and your idea of owning something because an ancestors walked across a patch of land thousand years ago is ridiculous.
      February 11 at 10:12am · Like

    • Ronnie Ron Ross You ****ud up asshole. You seem to think indigenous peoples are "better off" being brought up to your standards? As if this is a good thing? You're a ****ing pig.
      February 11 at 11:15am · Like · 6

    • Grog Wis I am the descendants of German immigrants William. Please tell me how my lack of hatred for other races makes me racist.
      February 11 at 11:17am · Like · 5

    • Grog Wis Another white hating commie:
      February 11 at 11:19am · Like · 3

    • Grog Wis BTW William, the US made treaties with the indigenous land holders then stole even that land. Even in your world where might makes right that's still a legal contract.
      February 11 at 11:24am · Like · 3

    • William Gheen Grog, if you did not make the racist comments as Salvadore and Ronnie have above, then the racist comment was not directed at you. That should be apparent. If your tribes of choice have a legal contract, then a court of law is the proper place for you and them to air your grievances, not on some website where you are arguing on behalf of Obama or some form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Neither you, nor I, nor any reader here is any position to make a judgement or ruling on an alleged contract made with tribes that could not read or write in their own language 300 years ago. Your entire premise is trying to inject that into this discussion is ludicrous. The land belongs to the people of the United States that have paid both blood and treasure to obtain it, to maintain it, and to develop it. And no drunk Indian stumbling down the street with a baby carriage is going to change that, even with your support. The vast majority of American citizens oppose what you are saying here and you should know full well how powerful Americans can be when properly motivated.
      February 11 at 12:12pm · Like

    • Grog Wis You are ludicrous. Your racist bullshit is off the charts as are your lies.

      Poll: 54 percent support DREAM Act – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs
      February 11 at 12:15pm · Like · 4

    • William Gheen I dont back down to control words like 'racist' people like you used to call blacks the N word. Same thing you are now trying to do with the R word and you can stick it where the the Lord split ya! 52% of Americans prefer that illegals leave and only 33% support them staying according to real polls. You are the liar here 'Grog Wis' Prefer Illegal Immigrants Head Home - ALIPAC
      www.alipac.usAmericans Prefer Illegal Immigrants Head Home

      February 11 at 12:18pm · Like · Remove Preview

    • Grog Wis Your attempt to accuse me of what you do is laughable.

      Links to your racist group are not a credible source.
      February 11 at 12:23pm · Like · 4

    • Salvador Saucedo Oh boy here we go the stupid of all stupid morons, where on earth do u stupid people get the notion that I am complaining about getting any land from anyone, what was stolen is in the past and I am over that, and besides it never phased me, and I am sure that the real Native Americans are done with stupid ignorant ****s like urself, could even careless about ur bitches and whines. The actual concept off this entire post is that everyone of u ass wipes that r to stupid to realize just how stupid u r, and do not know what is true history, are the illegals here, but that's okay we have all accepted the idea that we have to deal with stupid people like u and that other stupid female that does not know crap about heritage and ancestry. so **** off, why don't u get together with ur stupid sister and make more inbreed stupid people like urself and shut the hell up already. I am truly sick of people like u, the thing is u stupid people just can't handle the truth, we are now a divers country of many different nationalities and there isn't shit u or that female dog can do about it anymore! face the facts ur kind is a dying breed and we of the divers nation are taking over!
      February 11 at 12:41pm · Like · 3

    • Sandy Myers Just who has a problem with different nationalities or ethnic groups living here legally? I certainly don't. Are you blurring the lines between legal and illegal so you can pull the race card? Me think so and it is so typical of your potty mouthed ilk.
      February 11 at 1:06pm · Like

    • Grog Wis Yes, William plays racist every chance his foul mouth gets.
      February 11 at 1:09pm · Like · 3

    • William Gheen Salvador Saucedo, most Latinos in America legally value our nation and our culture. You, on the other hand, you are a good example of why no nation south of the US borders has a space program.
      February 11 at 1:12pm · Like

    • William Gheen Hey Grog, Im the one sourced all the time in the New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, etc... along with CBS, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. So it appears your opinion about my credibility as a source is about as useless as your other comments. I do want to thank yall for giving me an enjoyable little break during the day to smack ya'll down in debate. It is far too easy to win against you, but I still enjoy it since a few of you are such nasty little shits.
      February 11 at 1:14pm · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo Hahahahahahahaha u r a major joke pinche puto who they hell do u think u r using most Latinos, ur full of shit ese, I have a bunch of us here that r just laughing their asses off at ur bull shit, pinche estupido, we unite with really American not with the likes of u stupid inbreed piece of shit!
      February 11 at 1:19pm · Like · 4

    • Grog Wis You are truly delusional William.
      February 11 at 1:20pm · Like · 4

    • Salvador Saucedo Actually delusional is the understatement!
      February 11 at 1:22pm · Like · 3

    • Grog Wis
      February 11 at 1:23pm · Like · 3

    • Salvador Saucedo Here is willie's respond to this: duh what dis fur!
      February 11 at 1:24pm · Like · 3

    • Salvador Saucedo Oh yeah I almost forgot, hey Grog the dude said he has a masters degree, but failed to say what kind, so I say a degree in being the most stupid in the country!
      February 11 at 1:25pm · Like · 4

    • Grog Wis I think he meant to say he wants to be a "master".
      February 11 at 1:29pm · Like · 3

    • Salvador Saucedo U mean a masturbator
      February 11 at 1:31pm · Like · 2

    • Salvador Saucedo The he is probably waking off right now
      February 11 at 1:32pm · Like · 1

    • William Gheen Your cries and curses are music to my ears. I enjoy them. Pour all your hate out on me little men. I gain a great feeling of accomplishment earning the scorn of snakes like you. I love to see you curse and scream and writhe like a snake beneath my boot. When good men and women stand up and speak out, dark shadows will always screech and vomit their filth out. Let your racist and genocidal hate flow freely here non gentlemen. Put it up on display for the world to see so that others may learn what I already know about you.
      February 11 at 1:49pm · Like · 1

    • Sandy Myers Assuming that Saucedo's ancestral tribe was from south of our border what is his beef? If he has a legitamate one why doesn't he take it up with our government instead of going on cowardly racist attacks on all white Americans alive today? Even Saucedo himself wasn't alive back then. Talk about living in the past, pathetic! What a hypocrite he is anyway since with a surname of Saucedo he is part white European invader himself! LOL! In today's world every country has internationally recognized borders and immigration laws. Deal with it, you whiners!
      February 11 at 1:55pm · Edited · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo Blah blah blah blah and more blah!
      February 11 at 1:51pm · Like · 2

    • Grog Wis Living in the past? You just made the argument for letting undocumented people stay Sandy.
      February 11 at 1:54pm · Like · 3

    • Salvador Saucedo what r u saying white harlot, u people are really that stupid, I give up its bad enough that I have to deal with the like of u, so I am going to let u have the last word! before I go let me say this Sandy Myers I am not a Native American, man I can't begin to fathom such stupidity!
      February 11 at 1:56pm · Like · 2

    • William Gheen Try to have some sympathy Sandy. Poor Salvador's ancestors were probably raped repeatedly by Spanish conquistadors and the slaves they brought into the New World from Africa. Many people that are like Salvador and share his views are not the products of women and men choosing their mates based off of desirable characteristics, institutional rituals, and voluntary courtships. They are the product of generations of gang rape of women by murderers, criminals, and slave laborers that had no respect for God's laws nor any boundaries at all. That is why so many illegal aliens do not respect any of our nation's boundaries or sexual boundaries we honor to protect women and children.
      February 11 at 1:56pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo what a bunch of crap; how about if I go to where u live and show what a real man is all about Willie Ghweiner! and don't begin to involve God into this stupid, u people, ur type of people are the worst there is in breaking any and all laws
      February 11 at 2:01pm · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo One other thing why don't u stop raping ur sister for a change stupid inbreed!
      February 11 at 2:02pm · Like · 1

    • William Gheen If you come to where I live Salvador, Ill show you the business end of a shotgun.
      February 11 at 2:05pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo That's what I thought what a stinking coward, u yellow chicken shit pendjo I would approach u with my bare hands and tear u up and u want to do this with a shot gun, hahahahahahahaha coward of the country!
      February 11 at 2:07pm · Like · 1

    • Sandy Myers Even the title of this stupid video is a lie. Anti-immigrant? Uh, no anti-illegal immigration. I doubt that any of these protesters are immigrants but citizens of this country instead. Unless one is too stupid to know the difference between an immigrant and a citizen.
      February 11 at 2:11pm · Like

    • William Gheen I'm not a coward Salvador, just highly accurate and efficient when defending myself, my family, and my home which you have just threatened along with your earlier racist comments against whites and suggestions of white genocide. If you ever pose a threat to me or my home, it will be the last thing you do and you will wish the police could get to you first. And what you are doing now is considered terroristic threats. And furthermore, since you are threatening me in association with my speaking out on a public issue you are attacking my protected Civil Rights as an American citizens and I can have you charged and arrested for such if I wish.
      February 11 at 2:12pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo I think I am going to cry!
      February 11 at 2:13pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo u r an opportunistic little bitch!
      February 11 at 2:14pm · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo if u can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen
      February 11 at 2:15pm · Like · 2

    • Salvador Saucedo Not only r u a coward u r whiny little girl!
      February 11 at 2:16pm · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo I apparently hit the right buttons here!
      February 11 at 2:16pm · Like · 2

    • Sandy Myers By the way, it isn't only white Americans that object to illegal immigration into our country today. As for racism, it isn't racist to put your ethnic group above our immigration laws?
      February 11 at 2:21pm · Like

    • William Gheen You have helped us very much Salvador. Thank you. In fact, I make you quite nationally infamous very soon and share your comments and views with many many people across the nation including your local authorities and employer if you have one.
      February 11 at 2:23pm · Like

    • Salvador Saucedo Be my guest, it does not bother me one bit, but be sure to post everything we all spoke about, like I said u r very opportunistic aren't u!
      February 11 at 2:27pm · Like · 2

    • Salvador Saucedo Sandy Myers will shut up already u sound a like a scratched record!
      February 11 at 2:27pm · Like · 2

    • Grog Wis William makes his living off of pedaling racial hate and fear.
      February 11 at 2:28pm · Like · 3

    • Salvador Saucedo hey willie Ghweiner take a good look at all the real Americans that has like the post I posted and all the likes I get from real American opposed to u and ur dirtbag friend trailer trash sandy! its speaks in volume, and u just don't get it, the only division there is with the like of people like u, come off it already, assume ur position and take it like a man!
      February 11 at 2:36pm · Like · 2

    • Sandy Myers Truth hurts, huh?
      February 11 at 5:18pm · Like

    • Sandy Myers I have never met Mr. Gheen so no we aren't friends. I just respect any American who stands up for the rule of law in regards to illegal immigration while still being an advocate for legal immigration. So just where is this racism you keep claiming? I guess you aren't aware that many white and other non-white American's ancestors came here well past any conflicts with the so-called natives? Or are all white Americans guilty by race and skin color regardless? Many white and non-white's ancestors came here well after any so-called native indian conflicts. What are they and their descendants guilty of? Even the so-called natives migrated here from somewhere else. They didn't sprout up out of the ground like corn.
      February 11 at 5:35pm · Edited · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo woman something is wrong with u, u r mentally disturbed or something!
      February 11 at 6:59pm · Like · 2

    • Ronnie Ron Ross I don't believe you have rights to Salvador's comments, William. He has not granted permission and you don't own this site. You are not affiliated with FB in any way other than using their site. You best check into this.
      You are weak. Taking the frustration of a taxpayer and twisting into a common belief or action. That enables us to place you as the same, a representative of each and every person here. You are not the messiah and do not represent the views of anyone but yourself and your views are worthless. You are are pantywaist fruit without the presence of mind to see what's in front of you. I pity you and your ilk and assure you, your childish movement is for lent. A moot point not dissimilar to Donald's birther movement or another peddler of your nonsense pushing the 102,000 boxcars with shackles and guillotines stories. You further your popularity by inciting fear. **** you.
      February 11 at 7:15pm · Like · 3

    • William Gheen Sue me if you feel so certain that I cant use Salvador's comments as I like. Do it. The more attention, the better.
      February 11 at 7:19pm · Like

    • Ronnie Ron Ross Blow me if you think I give a **** about you, your movement, or your desires. You are worthless, as is your cause. You are a bunch of nothings. Dolts.
      February 11 at 11:21pm · Like · 4

    • Ronnie Ron Ross And as much as I'd love to see your dick in the dirt on this worthless movement of yours, I won't give you your 15 seconds of "meh" even if you get coverage and I will advise all I know to turn off their TVs and treat you like we do the likes of Alex Jones.
      February 11 at 11:23pm · Like · 4

    • Salvador Saucedo burn, burn, and more burn, the gag is on u dude, just kill it already its a lost cause and ur loosing very desperately!
      February 12 at 12:22am · Like · 2

    • Donna Lewis Connelly I'm not banned on this thread either..these wing nuts do hate the first ammendment!! Anyway, back up to Sandy, and they know any of Ameriac's history????
      February 12 at 12:43am · Like · 1

    • Salvador Saucedo That my dear and sweet friend is quite obvious, they know squat!
      February 12 at 12:50am · Like · 1

    • Jim Flack Salvador, its always the same when people shout and scream to be heard. They normally have Nothing to say at all but think because they shout and holler a lot, that people might listen because they have a big mouth and are making a lot of noise. There is an amazingly LARGE % of folk (The Flat Earth Society) who still find it hard to believe that the native USA Indians actually lived in the USA BEFORE their Grandad or Grandma. They probably think that all the original Indian Tribes were either Canadian or Mexican Illegal Immigrants - Whoot. That's why they will all still go on naively believing that the world is STILL FLAT Salvador. I wish you well brother
      February 12 at 1:43am · Like · 2

    • George Edward Brown Jr. this is hilarious i must say i nearly pissed myself when you took credit for the space program and looked down on other nations for not. bravo sir you make all us Americans look nothing like the stereotypes that other countries believe true.
      February 12 at 3:29am · Like · 1

    • Jim Flack Quite Right George. Its ONLY America that realises the true importance of getting up into Space. I mean, after all, ALL the American Gun Manufacturers realise that America is now saturated with Guns and they need a new planet to sell all their weapons of mass destruction - You gotta make a profit or two
      February 12 at 3:34am · Like · 2

    • Jim Flack Space Travel - NOW sponsored by the NRA
      February 12 at 3:35am · Like · 2

    • George Edward Brown Jr. martians fight wars why not lol.
      February 12 at 3:35am · Like

    • Jim Flack But the Martians say (AND I SAW THE FILM SO IT MUST BE TRUE) "We Come In Peace" - hang on a sec - sounds a bit like the REPUBLICANS ..LOL
      February 12 at 3:37am · Like · 3

    • No Amnesty Not all of us are Immigrants...Some of us were already here and we say DEPORT the new batch of illegals!
      February 15 at 12:50am · Like

    • No Amnesty
      February 15 at 1:15am · Like

    • Michael Adams Search - Supreme Court of the United States
      February 15 at 3:03am · Like

    • Donna Lewis Connelly Salvador..I read a threat from William Green..he has to be reported!!!!
      February 15 at 4:36am · Like · 2

    • Salvador Saucedo Yeah I know sticks and stones sweetie, and when I used his tone he began to whine even harder, say he was to have me arrested!
      February 15 at 10:05am · Like

    • Write a comment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    threats in the declines...
    people are getting spammed still, i gotta shut that event page down... storing the troll filth here...

    Was this a thread or what?
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    ok, I now see it was Facebook.
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    Very telling conversation here--

    • Terri Rote Laura I went to our capitol nobody was there that guy is a lying bastard
      Saturday at 1:40pm · Like

    • Terri Rote if you guy went to the capitol and no one was there I got that lying bastrd phone number if you want to call him and cuss him out
      Saturday at 2:07pm · Like

    • Patricia Patricia Terri, why are you so mad? Aren't you happy that you went and supported the cause?
      Saturday at 2:11pm via mobile · Like · 1

    • Terri Rote nobody was there how can i support somrthing that wasn't there
      Saturday at 2:12pm · Like

    • Patricia Patricia You were there. Have you never heard the saying 'stand for what You believe in, even if you're standing alone'.
      Saturday at 2:20pm via mobile · Like · 4

    • Terri Rote i would feel like a fool
      Saturday at 2:23pm · Like

    • Patricia Patricia Well, you feel like a fool anyway since you went up there for nothing. What's your point?
      Saturday at 2:33pm via mobile · Like · 2
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    Yea, these trolls were clearly coordinated and working together behind the scenes, probably direct links to the Obama campaign.
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