Broken promise: Trump loses support of legal immigration group

Posted on May 2, 2017 by Sam Rolley Views: 650

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC on Tuesday said it can no longer endorse President Donald Trump’s administration as it becomes clear that his tough immigration stances are highly negotiable.
ALIPAC chief William Gheen said the decision to revoke the group’s endorsement of Trump comes as “close inspection of his actual immigration policies show he is similar to Bush and Obama on Amnesty for illegal immigrants.”
The last straw for the group was the administration’s acceptance of a congressional budget deal which doesn’t include funding for the border wall Trump has promised.
ALIPAC said in a statement:
While Trump promised these things, he quickly caved and retreated on budget negotiations with Congress on funding for the wall this week, while continuing Obama’s overtly unconstitutional DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty for illegal immigrants! Trump is sending a message that most illegal aliens have nothing to fear from federal law enforcement and that implementation of US law will be based on his personal feelings instead of the Rule of Law. Trump has also issued an executive order setting dangerous refugee resettlement programs he promised to end at 62,000 imported per year, which is the same average Obama brought in during his terms. ALIPAC has also recently discovered Trump administration spokeswoman and Bush family ally Helen Aguirre Ferre promising future amnesty to illegal aliens…
The group also contends that Trump has surrounded himself with a team that will make it impossible for the president to follow through on his promises.
From its statement:
ALIPAC recently discovered that Bush administration transplant and amnesty backer Helen Aguirre Ferre, who has been hired as Trump’s White House Director of Media Affairs, has been telling audiences that the White House is looking forward with Congress to pushing bipartisan immigration reform amnesty for illegals, but right now, the federal government will focus on the first step of enforcement. In an interview on Phoenix Arizona’s KJZZ radio, Trump spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferre said “We do look forward to working with Congress, in a bipartisan faction, to enact meaningful immigration reform, but we begin by securing our border. That’s step one…”
Donald Trump never campaigned on passing any new immigration legislation or “immigration reform.” This “Secure the borders first” language is the same Americans have heard from those in Congress pushing Amnesty for the last 4 years.
The situation, according to Gheen, boils down to a total lack of honesty from Trump.
“Our organization ALIPAC will not support any elected official who violates the Constitution, their campaign promises, and their oath of office as Trump is doing by his continuation of DACA Amnesty, which Obama created out of thin air with memos,” he said. “Trump promised to end DACA on his first day with a simple memo canceling Obama’s illegal directives. This was the most important thing Trump could have done to restore Constitutional governance in America, but instead he is choosing the path of dictatorship Obama did.”

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