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Thread: GOP Lawmakers Complicit in Border Chaos

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    GOP Lawmakers Complicit in Border Chaos

    GOP Lawmakers Complicit in Border Chaos

    By Nik RajkovicOct 29, 2021A recent Breitbart piece rips current GOP leaders for their hypocrisy over immigration and border security.
    Breitbart's Neil Munro writes Republicans need to focus on the economic impact of illegal immigration, such as housing prices, wage cuts and lost jobs.
    William Gheen with the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC agrees, saying the current establishment has dropped the ball.
    "Lindsey Graham is one of the reasons it's so bad because he and John McCain tried to give amnesty to illegal aliens forever instead of enforcing our laws, deporting illegal aliens and defending our borders."
    To be fair, Gheen also criticized President Trump for not taking a tougher stance.
    "He said he was going to defend Obama's illegal unconstitutional DACA amnesty and start deporting illegal aliens," he says.
    "Then he got in office and he kept DACA and started offering a deal to Democrats for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens."

    Gheen says true conservatives need to stand up and sweep current Republicans out of office.
    "We need populous, grassroots, in touch with the base people who talk like Donald Trump, but really mean what it is that they're saying," he says.
    "That they're going to secure that border and enforcing America's existing immigration laws, which means deporting illegal immigrants starting with the most violent ones first."
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    Illegal aliens, refugees, TPS, and asylum liars are bankrupting and overcrowding our schools, healthcare system, welfare and food stamp safety net reserved for legal U.S. citizens.

    They move in to communities and destroy entire City blocks with crime, graffiti, trash, overbreed in poverty and live off of our backs. They do not assimilate. Their offspring grow up to hate our country. Send them all back home.

    Now they mouth off in our streets demanding more free stuff and want to flood our country with their entire family tree to come here. They are turning us into the cesspool they left.

    This has got to stop.

    10 year moratorium on all immigration and immediately end birthright citizenship.

    Enforce Public Charge.

    Get them OUT of our housing and off our soil.

    These foreign citizens need to resolve their problems back home and they are their presidents responsibility, not the USA or it's taxpayers

    This is now a worldwide problem and people are fed up with this unrelenting invasion of our countries, our peace, and our prosperity.

    They are bringing dozens of infectious diseases, medical problems, mental problems, are not vetted, and have no means to support themselves.


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