(ImpactHeadlines.com) – Social media platform X, previously known as Twitter before being bought out by tech billionaire Elon Musk, has censored a conservative group’s post denouncing illegal immigration.

Americans for Legal Immigration, a political action committee that promotes legal migration into the US while opposing illegal immigration, published an X post designed to raise awareness of illegal immigrants voting. They revealed the fact that illegals are becoming registered voters across the nation in large numbers. It also included a graphic marking the claim as “true.”

However, the post was removed by X and ALIPAC was issued a warning about posting “hate speech” against a “protected group.” The group demanded answers from X and were told that their ad included “political content” targeting another country that was forbidden. They pressed again, but X representatives repeated their claims and said the email thread would no longer be monitored.

Founder William Gheen said he was shocked by the label. He believes their true purpose is to censor people attempting to spread the truth about illegal immigrants. He also fears that it’s part of an effort to negatively influence the 2024 elections. He also accused the platform of exploiting racial tensions to push an agenda.

However, Elon Musk himself has published multiple X posts against illegal immigration. He has expressed support for legal immigration, which ALIPAC actively promotes, while emphasizing the fact that he immigrated here legally. But he has also called open border policies “insane.”

Additionally, Musk repeatedly touts X’s support of the First Amendment and the concept of free speech. He is even going head-to-head with the Brazilian government after he refused their request to censor certain political opinions on the platform. Musk has said that he will accept revenue losses over a forced government shutdown in the nation before he caves to their demands against free speech.

Still, Gheen pointed out the irony that Facebook, which has traditionally been more aggressive against free speech, continues allowing the same ads. X has not publicly addressed the issue and discussed whether it’s a fluke from an extremist far-left employee or representative of a policy shift away from free speech.